Thursday, November 28, 2019

ZHAO LIMIN - Chinese painter

Zhao Limin was born in China - Liaoning province in 1970.

Zhao Limin has captured the amusement of institutional life in the most charming manner. The message is succinct without being banal, and the style is as charming as the subject matter dictates. Zhao uses the technique of realism usually associated with social cause and egalitarianism. It is a style most relatable to the common man, mindful of his dignity whatever his station in life.

For Zhao Limin, the laugh is as much on himself as on others. He was born into a family serving in the military. Therefore he was trained in the system, knows its machinery and sees the human dimension beneath the rules. His yearning to seek solace in a carefree, non-obligatory life is visible in the strong sense of freedom and innocence of his child subjects.

Zhao Limin’s works are collected by various Art institutions and is regarded as one of the few rising stars of the Chinese Contemporary Art market in recent years.