Friday, November 29, 2019

I'LL FIND YOU ONE DAY - by Mahtab Bangalee


by   © Mahtab   Bangalee  

I'll find you one day 
in this raining 
where you'll be absorbed in 
making the rain drops bower of love

I'll find you one day
in this morning 
where the autumnal breeze will make 
you calm for the sun rising in life 

I'll find you one day 
on this landscape alone 
where your loneliness will tread 
the fallen yellow spring leaves 
which are lain as the blanket of winter coolness

I’ll find you one day
in the crowded city of the world
where your crossing will leave
a letter of love
when I’ll  buy flowers just for you as lovelorn

I’ll find you one day
in such a winter season
when nightingale will sing a love song
for our together living
where never will come back the other seasons 

I’ll find you one day
in my smiling good morning
within swansong of life hug,
with a crimson and white rose water
on my arms with a kiss of breakfast