Monday, April 28, 2014


CHEN MAN is a 31 year-old Chinese photographer, born and raised in Beijing.

She graduated from the photography department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. But before she even gradutated, she had already started collaborating with Shangai-based fashion magazine Vision, which was one of the few, if not the only, progressive magazines around at that time. This, and a contact of hers, were her open door into the world of heavy weights such as Harper’s Baazar, Elle, Esquire… and the list of magazines, agencies and campaigns goes on.

According her, there was a time in which photographers didn’t consider her a photographer and artists didn’t consider her an artist due to the heavy digital manipulation she applied to her work, so she cut back a lot on the editing and started working with more natural light and retouching a lot less.

However, for Chen Man, the idea that untouched photographs are always better and that art and commerce just don’t mix is very disputable.

Her passion for beauty and glamour is obvious in each of her shots and her emphasis on the beauty of the Asian woman have made her one of China’s most important fashion photographers.





Over the mountains
   And over the waves,
Under the fountains
   And under the graves;
Under floods that are deepest,
   Which Neptune obey,
Over rocks that are steepest,
   Love will find out the way.

When there is no place
   For the glow-worm to lie,
When there is no space
   For receipt of a fly;
When the midge dares not venture
   Lest herself fast she lay,
If Love come, he will enter
   And will find out the way.

You may esteem him
   A child for his might;
Or you may deem him
   A coward for his flight;
But if she whom Love doth honour
   Be conceal'd from the day-
Set a thousand guards upon her,
   Love will find out the way.

Some think to lose him
   By having him confined;
And some do suppose him,
   Poor heart! to be blind;
But if ne'er so close ye wall him,
   Do the best that ye may,
Blind Love, if so ye call him,
   He will find out his way.

You may train the eagle
   To stoop to your fist;
Or you may inveigle
   The Phoenix of the east;
The lioness, you may move her
   To give over her prey;
But you'll ne'er stop a lover-
   He will find out the way.

If the earth it should part him,
   He would gallop it o'er;
If the seas should o'erthwart him,
   He would swim to the shore;
Should his Love become a swallow,
   Through the air to stray,
Love will lend wings to follow,
   And will find out the way.

There is no striving
   To cross his intent;
There is no contriving
   His plots to prevent;
But if once the message greet him
   That his True Love doth stay,
If Death should come and meet him,
   Love will find out the way !

Nata Vi

MOTHER DAY (A Neglected Mother's Loneliness And Sorrow) - A VERY TOUCHING POEM


U Win Kyi

Every year on Mother Day,
I have many words to say,
from here Old-Age home where I stay,
to my children who live far, far away,
who are too busy, a visit they rarely pay.

My hairs are becoming sparse and gray,
My teeth decay,
and break away,
My mind depresses and in dismay,
My nervous response slow and delays,
My memory forgetful and in disarray,
My legs weak and walk in sway,
I feel so gloomy when the day is without sun-rays,
I feel so scare when the night is without moon-light spray,
I keep the toys made of clay,
with which in your young age, you played,
to keep the boredom at bay.
I keep these toys to prevent sorrow which wants to slay,
my lonely heart which already is frail and frayed.

To my grandchildren, a Filial Piety, you need to display,
so that they would know how to obey,
to you when you are old in later days.
Otherwise they would say 'nay, '
and do according to the way,
you did to me before, down into the grave, I lay.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

YOU AND ME - a longtime love poem


You and me
we’ve been through everything
We’ve stood the test of time
We’ve weathered every storm
and still, here we are

You and me
we’ve had our ups and downs
We’ve gone around and around
We’ve seen it all
and we’re still here

You and me
we’ve been good together
and we’ve been on our own
but we are at our best
when we are where we belong

It’s you and me
We are meant to be
No matter what may come our way
We’ll be together always

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I MISS YOU - love poem


I miss you

I miss the hours we would spend talking,
being open and honest and free
I miss how my heart would breath a sigh of
relief because you brought me peace

I miss the feeling of hope and happiness
and how with you I always felt content

I miss you

I miss the hours I would spend lying
by your side tracing the lines upon your skin
I miss the way you held me close enough
to hear your heartbeat, I wish I could hear it again

I miss you

I miss you every minute of everyday
it’s an ache, a sadness, an emptiness
that doesn’t ever go away

I miss you

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A MILLION THANKS - Friendship poem


A tear or two you’ve dried
A hug or two you’ve shared
A time or two you’ve listened
So many ways you’ve cared.

A million thanks I owe
From the bottom of my heart
For the kind and caring friend
That you always are