Friday, November 15, 2019

ALIVE - by India R Fitzgerald


by India R Fitzgerald

She rose from ashes that were of her own 
and she decided she would begin living life the way she'd hoped. 
She had been through the storm 
so the only thing that now lied ahead of her were brighter days.

She remembered briefly what it had felt like to be happy effortlessly 
and she was in desperate need to get back to that place again. 
It wasn't impossible, she just had to believe 
and it would be faith that would have led her there.

She'd gotten down on herself some days just like the rest, 
but she was optimistic about the future. 
She carried herself with grace and her smile was delightful. 
She could brighten up your day even if she couldn't her own.

Despite what she'd been through, she was remarkably strong.
She'd been hurt but she was not becoming of her wounds. 
She knew not of her own strength.
Some even looked down upon her 
and she did not quite understand why until she would... 

She would learn soon that no matter what the battle-
she had to fight to win, 
she was already winning because she was amongst his good grace. 
He would not have let more on than she could bare. 

She began to realize that everything that was supposed to break her, 
in fact, did no such thing. 
Once she'd come to that realization, 
she knew she was going to be okay because what didn't kill her, 
only made her stronger. 

Though she'd been in doubt, she was not facing the end, 
instead she was facing a whole new beginning.