Thursday, November 7, 2019

UNFORGIVEN - by James L Powers


by James L Powers

I stand here waiting
No one knows what for
But I will tell you
I’m waiting for your smile
The one of joy 
That’s rarely shown

For me to walk away
I must see it 
It’s what I live for

But the realization of it all
Must be reviled by my poor soul
For I am one of the unforgiven
Wanting others to be happy
Before I take care of my own needs
Putting my feelings aside 
To help another’s destroyed heart
Never knowing what it feels like
To be ripped to shreds  
Never letting my heart 
Escape its lonely pasture

After watching others fall
Into painstaking turmoil
I shiver at the thought
Of seeing myself 
Like the ones
I helped pick 
Off the ground
Only to see them fall again

But I must give them their credit
Because I sit here
Afraid of taking the step
Afraid of the fall into loneliness
They joyfully jump for

Falling on their faces
Only puts them out for a while
And they know I’ll pick them up

But who picks me up after I fall?
Who will be there for me?
Will it be you?
Do you even care?

That is my true fear
To have no one there
When I slip and fall