Wednesday, May 23, 2012


20 shots, what a happiness it is to have brothers and sisters

Brother and Sisters Love

Author: Valerie Dupont
I see a brother and sister,

sitting over there together,

fighting over a toy,

they just can't seem to see,

their love shining through,

with every smile that they bring.

Rest your head upon my shoulder - I will comfort you... ღ.¸¸.❄Maritha❄.¸¸.ღ*

A Brother Is

Author: Unknown
A brother is someone

with fun-loving ways

with wit and good humor

to spare.

He does thoughtful things

without any fuss

and when you're in trouble

he's there.

A brother is more

than just part of the family..

he's also a friend

through and through.

And that's a description

that certainly fits

a wonderful brother like you.

In “The Sibling Effect,” science writer Jeffrey Kluger argues that the relationships we have with our siblings are the most important ones of our lives. From the time we gain a brother or sister, they can be both our fiercest competitors and closest confidantes. They teach us the social skills we carry for life and stand by us during our best and worst experiences — divorce, the birth of children and our parents’ deaths.

Holding Hands

Author: Suzie Huitt
Brother and sister,

together as friends,

ready to face

whatever life sends.

Joy and laughter

or tears and strife,

holding hands tightly

as we dance through life.

Brother sister pics


Author Osip Mandelstam

Sisters - Heaviness and Tenderness- you look the same.
Wasps and bees both suck the heavy rose.
Man dies, and the hot sand cools again.
Carried off on a black stretcher, yesterday’s sun goes.

Oh, honeycombs’ heaviness, nets’ tenderness,
it’s easier to lift a stone than to say your name!
I have one purpose left, a golden purpose,
how, from time’s weight, to free myself again.

I drink the turbid air like a dark water.
The rose was earth; time, ploughed from underneath.
Woven, the heavy, tender roses, in a slow vortex,
the roses, heaviness and tenderness, in a double-wreath.