Wednesday, March 20, 2019

TOO BROKEN TO BREAK - by Belle Messina



by  Belle Messina

Here's to the girl with the invincible spirit,
No matter how confused her soul may be.
She's been broken many times,
Searching for love that was just not there.
She's learned her lesson now, put up her wall,
And never again her heart she'll bare.
For she realized that in the end a body is still a body,
No matter whose it may be,
And love may not exist for anyone,
So we should all just settle and it'll be easy.
But she'll never give in.
All she needs is herself and whoever she is that day,
But this she'll never know,
Because life is surreal
When all she does is feel.
She thinks with her passion,
Sees the world through her heart,
Even though many times it's cold, desolate, and dark.
Yet at the same time she can see that there may be hope out there,
The one nobody else possibly can.
She's a dreamer and an idealist,
Life's greatest pessimist and realist.
She's a contradiction sure
But never a hypocrite,
Because in her soul this all somehow fits.
She wants to explore the world just to understand what she's thinking,
Dig into the deepest corners of her heart to understand the universe.
She often loses herself though,
And who she used to be she can never know.
Yet she's happy like this,
She's free and to no one she'll commit,
Except sometimes when she's all alone,
She just wants some place she can call home.
She knows every side of every story,
Because she has felt absolutely everything,
Often all at once.
This contradiction,
This ability to see in ways that no one else can,
Is it a curse or is it a gift?
Even she cannot understand how or when or why or what,
And sometimes she doesn't even know if it is.
She wants something more,
Even when she is sure there's nothing else out there.
But no, she'll never settle,
Especially for a love, if that even does exist.
She'll always hope there's something out there to bring her bliss. But she doesn't expect it and convinces herself she doesn't want it.
This is how her spirit is infinite.
Oh, how I hope there's something more than this.



by  Ilona M. Blake

Today will be perfect
In every single way,
A beautiful fairytale
For your wedding day.
The theme of your day
Is to have love and laughter
And to live your days
Happily ever after.

Living happily is
What we need to survive,
So how does one keep
The magic alive?
How do you light a spark
That never goes out?
And how does one live a life
Without fear or doubt?

How do some people manage
To keep their love strong?
And how do some couples
Always feel like they belong?
What do you need to do
To stay in love forever
And make each day special
And grow fonder together?

Well, these very questions
You must address every day.
You must take the time
To go out of your way,
To always share love
And always share laughter,
To do whatever it takes
To live happily ever after.

Here is a recipe
I think is a must,
So let's begin with
Always having trust.
Don't forget it's important
To have total respect,
And to always stay loyal
To keep your love perfect.

You must communicate
Each and every day.
Three special little words
You must never forget to say,
"I love you." It's amazing
How these words make you feel
Happy, safe, and valued,
And they will keep your love real.

A simple act of kindness
Goes a long, long way.
Blend it with understanding
And you can't go astray.
Don't forget friendship.
It will help you to cope.
Add a sprinkle of faith
And an abundance of hope.

Remember your smile.
It is beautiful to see.
It can brighten one's day.
It can make you feel free.
So my wish for you both
Is you always have love and laughter,
And I pray that you will enjoy
Your happily ever after.


by  Jo

Once when I was little,
I was happy and carefree.
I used to run around laughing
Until it was time for tea.

I used to play games
And smile all the time.
I used to feel on top of the world.
I used to feel fine.

It's amazing how things change
When people let you down.
And how that once happy face
Turns into a solemn frown.

You search and search
For someone who cares,
Anyone who understands,
Anyone who dares.

Loneliness, it hurts.
It kills you deep inside.
It makes you feel empty.
It stops you in your stride.

You cry yourself to sleep,
Hugging your pillow tight,
Wishing for someone
To hold you through the night.

Once when I was little,
I was happy and carefree.
Now my life's full of sadness,
Pain and misery.

Once when I was little,
I was never on my own.
But now I pray at night,
"I wish I weren't alone."

MY HEART IS WAITING FOR YOU - by Ravi Sathasivam


by  Ravi Sathasivam

No matter how far you are or where you are
No matter how much space between us
But I will wait for you with hope in my heart
My love still lonely and search for your soul
Yes, it is miserable when you are not close to me
I am sure my world is better when I am in your arms
My love for you is pure, divine and grows sure in me
Your love has no condition on me and sets me free
Waiting for you to feel your gentle touch
Waiting for you to hear your soften voice
Waiting for you to get your huge hug
Waiting for you to get your deep kiss
Yes, I find all my happiness in loving you
No matter when or how soon you will come back
But my heart is waiting for you.



by Ravi Sathasivam

When you look for peace
then the peace lies within you
When you search for peace
then it is not hard to find
When you want to keep peace alive
then you allow white doves to fly over you
When you make peace with others
then the whole world live in your heart
When you let peace be in the world
then you live in wonderful world
When you allow peace flow around the world
then your hateness will go and love will flow
When you open the door for peace
then peace welcome to your lives.
Let the peace prevail in our wonderful world



by  Aesop

A certain Wolf could not get enough to eat because of the watchfulness of the Shepherds. But one night he found a sheep skin that had been cast aside and forgotten. The next day, dressed in the skin, the Wolf strolled into the pasture with the Sheep. Soon a little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter.

That evening the Wolf entered the fold with the flock. But it happened that the Shepherd took a fancy for mutton broth that very evening, and, picking up a knife, went to the fold. There the first he laid hands on and killed was the Wolf.

The evil doer often comes to harm through his own deceit.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

THE RAVEN AND THE FOX - by Jean de la Fontaine



 by Jean de la Fontaine

      Perch'd on a lofty oak,
    Sir Raven held a lunch of cheese;
    Sir Fox, who smelt it in the breeze,
      Thus to the holder spoke:
    'Ha! how do you do, Sir Raven?
    Well, your coat, sir, is a brave one!
    So black and glossy, on my word, sir,
  With voice to match, you were a bird, sir,
  Well fit to be the Phoenix of these days.'
    Sir Raven, overset with praise,
    Must show how musical his croak.
    Down fell the luncheon from the oak;
    Which snatching up, Sir Fox thus spoke:
      'The flatterer, my good sir,
      Aye liveth on his listener;
      Which lesson, if you please,
      Is doubtless worth the cheese.'
    A bit too late, Sir Raven swore
  The rogue should never cheat him more.

Translated From The French
by  Elizur Wright