Monday, October 21, 2019

FALLING LEAVES - by Mariah Christian Kendall


by  Mariah Christian Kendall

Red, Orange, Yellow, and Brown
All these colors on the ground
Crunch! Crack! Stepping on the leaves
Is like popping popcorn in the breeze.

Oh my; do you smell that?
The purfume is pumpkin pie
Looking out the window
Nature left a gift

The trees have branches that are bare
They don't seem to care
All the colors look like a quilt
With plaid patches of a kilt

Fall celebration will all too soon end
I look forward to its return
Fall is the sound of peace
For its arrival I will yearn.

FALL - by René Joseph Rilke


by  René Joseph Rilke

The leaves are falling, falling as from far,
as though celestial gardens withered earthward;
their fall is a denying, silent motion
and in the nights, out of the starry ocean,
the heavy earth falls far from every star.

We fall, unseeing ? Look, this hand descends
and see the other hands: it's in their being.
And yet there's One who holds our fall, foreseeing,
forever gently in His loving hands.

SOMETIMES GOD SAYS ''NO'' - by Kristine J. Trudeau



by Kristine J. Trudeau

We beg and plead
For the things we think we need
Sometimes God says, "No."

Oh, please, give me wealth
I really need my health
Sometimes God says, "No."

You see, God has reasons
Things come in seasons
God has a right to say, "No."

The Lord knows best
And we are blessed
Even if it means He says, "No."

Sometimes a "No"
Is just a, "Not, yet,"
We have to read between the lines.

But, always, a "No"
"I love you too much to say, 'Yes.'"


WHERE DID WE GO WRONG - by Robert Arthur Miller



by Robert Arthur Miller

I thought that when we got together
that it would be forever long,
but now I've come to realize
that my thoughts were only wrong.

Everything seemed so good at first
or at least from what we could see,
but it wasn't long before we both saw
we were causing each others misery.

Where was it that we went wrong
I thought our love was true,
how is it that our love so strong
is now a love that's through.

I only wish that I could understand
why it is that we can't be,
because not having you in my life
is really bothering me.

I hope that sometime and sometime soon
we can talk these problems through,
because  I don't know how much I can take
of always missing you.


FEEL LIKE - by James McBride


by James McBride

I feel like a searcher
staring up into the night
Feel like a boxer
who threw a title fight
I feel like a student
discovering the truth
Feel like a old man
who forgot his youth
Feel like a preist, who
prayed a thousand prayers
Feel like a mother, who
walked a thousand stairs.
Feel like a doctor, who
could cure, but doesn't care.
Feel like a soldier,
hip deep in paddy mud.
Feel like a victim
of the Johnstown flood.

Feel like I could haller
Feel I just might
Feel like a searcher
staring into the night.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

THERE IS A REASON - by Edward Ebbs



by Edward Ebbs 

There is a reason
we receive each other's needs
our love is seasoned

sometimes with a hug
we live our love as we knead
sometimes with a tug

we work side by side
anticipating our days
in sync is our guide

even without rest
within each other's presence
keeps us at our best


I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER - by michele gay



by  michele  gay

I loved you then,
I love you still,
No matter what,
I always will.

Through thick and thin,
right and wrong,
I still love you,
And have all along.

I love you so much,
And things will get better.
I'll never give up,
I'll love you forever.