Sunday, September 27, 2020



by  Enia

Fall has just begun
As summer ends
The color of the leaves gleaming in the sun
Jumping in leaves with friends
As the tumble down
Forming a quilt on the ground
Hearing the crinkle as you jump in
Twisting and turning in the air
Feeling of the brisk air blow in your face
The warm and delightful smell of grandma's pumpkin pie
This is fall.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

UNEXPRESSED - by Priyanka Tungana - India


by Priyanka Tungana - India

It was one of those rare windy evenings in the cluttered cityscape
Driving at a sixty and I wish I could just escape
A series of showrooms passing by, brightened up the streets
And the bustling of the footpaths never seemed to cease

There is just so much of noise all around
Traffic, radio and all that jazz
Where is the music that my heart used to sing ?
A weird sense of joy those notes used to bring

In the heart of the city I’m consumed by my own thoughts
Extricating myself from the besotted society's knots
I zoom out a bit and see a glimpse of what’s soon gonna be
I’ll be a changed person, stranger than the reality

And this life would also NOT be the same again
How I would miss you and the good times that just went
Ocean of golden moments – each one alluring me
Melting my heart and setting my soul free

I think of your smile and the voices of our laughter
Thinking of togetherness and those promises ever after
Memories are vanishing in the air like a sparkling smoke
This helplessness of not meeting you ever... I’m unable to revoke

Being far doesn’t mean my love and cravings are few
I think of calling and letting you know how much I miss you
But the brief conversation won’t be able to express of what I really feel
Sometimes a million words fall short of what we really need

Easier is to tell you of what I hear and see
Unspoken remains the true feeling I carry along with me
Only the superficial fake emotions - we're able to confess
But deep down the genuine ones …remain unexpressed!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

THE WALL - by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse


by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse

    Now we two are heart to heart,
    O most dear of all,
    Who were held so long apart
    By the sundering wall.

    But so suddenly it fell.
    At the final touch,
    We are dazed and cannot tell
    If we hope too much.

    We would wait to know the sum
    Of our joy and pain
    But what if shadowy hands should come
    And build the wall again ?

CHARGE THE HILL - by Kristen Feighery


by   Kristen Feighery

At the base of the mountain I raise my eyes
To the climb that looms ahead.
And though I tremble at the road before
It is the path that I must tread.

My heart beats wildly and my legs feel weak
but my comfort comes in knowing
There’s a power greater than all of me
So my faith just keeps on growing.

Though the world may try to tell me
Faith is simple and quite naive,
I’ve felt His presence in the blackest of times
And I shall continue to believe.

There may be days to come where I feel alone
During the pain and hardest trials.
But there’s an unseen world holding me up
And protecting me all the while.

I know prayers and love will come to Him
From those who share my suffering.
Whose hearts and souls are tied with mine
In this journey laid out for me.

So I take the first step and begin the climb
and I know love will gently lead.
Each hand firmly held by family and friends
We charge the hill to victory.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

TO YESTERDAY - by Ruby Archer



by Ruby Archer

    O Yesterday, you saw him. In your warm
    Sweet light we wandered idly, happily.
    Unto your deep of blue his eyes were lent,
    And through your moments lingered yet his voice.
    Bide near me, Yesterday. You know of him;
    And I may turn to you - now he is gone - 
    Remind you of a glance, a word, a touch,
    A thousand glints of soul revealed to soul
    And thus defer the thought of poor Today.

COMING HOME - by Ellen P. Allerton



by  Ellen P. Allerton

    Home to my mother's door. Push back the lock,
    She will not open it - no use to knock.
    A weight is on my breast; oh ! never yet
    Daughter at mother's door such welcome met!

    No kiss upon my lips; no word, no sound,
    No loving arms reach out to clasp me round,
    I cross the threshold to a solemn room,
    Peopled with shadows, silent as the tomb.

    The heavy air is chill - no fire, no light;
    Only pale sunshine, streaming thin and white
    Through the bare panes upon the naked floor.
    I shrink and shiver - do not shut the door !

    Tread lightly on the creaking boards, speak low;
    Start not the hollow echoes; well I know
    They sleep in every corner. Do not call,
    Lest they should answer loudly, one and all.

    Her voice is still. 'Twas here I heard it last - 
    Here by the door. The tears fell thick and fast
    From both our eyes; today the drops run o'er
    From only mine; and she - she weeps no more.

    This was her bed-room; it was here, you say,
    She laid in silence all that summer day,
    With roses (how she loved them!) at her head,
    Wreathed on the wall and strewn upon her bed.

    Now she lies yonder, and a sombre pall
    The dead leaves weave above her as they fall;
    The rains that beat, the autumn Winds that blow,
    Are making ready heavy shrouds of snow.

    Whatever covers her, she still sleeps well;
    But oh! these silent rooms! I can not tell
    Why their cold emptiness should move me so;
    I can not bear it longer - let us go.

IT IS EASY - by Ella Wheeler Wilcox



by   Ella Wheeler Wilcox

It is easy to be pleasant
When life flows by like a song,
But the man worth while is the one who will smile,
When everything goes dead wrong.

For the test of the heart is trouble,
And it always comes with years,
And the smile that is worth the praises of earth
Is the smile that shines through the tears.