Sunday, July 5, 2020

FOR THE TRAVELER - by John O’Donohue


by  John O’Donohue

    Every time you leave home,
    Another road takes you
    Into a world you were never in.

    New strangers on other paths await.
    New places that have never seen you
    Will startle a little at your entry.
    Old places that know you well
    Will pretend nothing
    Changed since your last visit.

    When you travel, you find yourself
    Alone in a different way,
    More attentive now
    To the self you bring along,
    Your more subtle eye watching
    You abroad; and how what meets you
    Touches that part of the heart
    That lies low at home:

    How you unexpectedly attune
    To the timbre in some voice,
    Opening in conversation
    You want to take in
    To where your longing
    Has pressed hard enough
    Inward, on some unsaid dark,
    To create a crystal of insight
    You could not have known
    You needed
    To illuminate
    Your way.

    When you travel,
    A new silence
    Goes with you,
    And if you listen,
    You will hear
    What your heart would
    Love to say.

    A journey can become a sacred thing:
    Make sure, before you go,
    To take the time
    To bless your going forth,
    To free your heart of ballast
    So that the compass of your soul
    Might direct you toward
    The territories of spirit
    Where you will discover
    More of your hidden life,
    And the urgencies
    That deserve to claim you.

    May you travel in an awakened way,
    Gathered wisely into your inner ground;
    That you may not waste the invitations
    Which wait along the way to transform you.

    May you travel safely, arrive refreshed,
    And live your time away to its fullest;
    Return home more enriched, and free
    To balance the gift of days which call you.

WITH YOU - by Arul Santhosh D. - India


by Arul Santhosh D. - India

My eyes’ sight
Fell on you first,
And that day, my heart felt
As if I was born anew
Into the world of seventh heaven;
Filled with joy and grace
Which I wished to embrace!
I have seen and felt
The unknown pleasure
Which was made my treasure!
I had a colourful dream
Living with you
In the world of complete happiness.
That day of mine
The one on cloud nine,
Would dawn in your eyes!
I was blessed
In your eyes’ sparkling glow!
That enlightened the day
With your beautiful blow!
The twilight in eventide
For me, was special-made,
I would be by your side;
My head would rest on your lap.
There, silence would sing
The song of my soul,
There angels would fly around us
With delightful grace!
The day would end
With your lips’
Touch upon my eyes.
Oh! My beloved!
My sweet heart!
Would you make this happen?


THE PROMISE - by Mario William Vitale


by  Mario William Vitale

We promised to love - until death do us part
Now you're leaving - you're breaking my heart,
You found someone else - you love more then me
Now it's over - you're setting me free

You promised me - there could never be
Anyone - you could love more then me,
Now you tell me - that you love him
And my love - you could never share

You promised me - our love would last forever
That we would always be together,
Now it's over - just memories remain
What once was happiness-now is pain

IT WAS JUST SOMEONE - by Aayush Rana


by Aayush Rana

I like you very much,
I like your Beautiful eyes.
It like my first crush,
I like you when you shy.
It was like my story is been started,
I know that I have many better choice.
you are the person who take me on those stairs,
where I don't need any other pair.
I love you recent,
you are like very decent.
after you broke up;
I don't know for whom reason.
I want to talk: you said 'shut up'
after love is not my passion.
It was just someone who need me,
It was just someone who care for me.
It was just someone I regarded as love
It was you...
It was you.

Saturday, July 4, 2020


7 (700x553, 497Kb)

A native southern Californian, David Galchutt has been working as an illustrator for 30+ years. Though he had done some advertising illustration in his early years, the primary focus of his illustrating career has been in the children’s industry, working for both toy companies and publishing. In 1993 a children’s book that he wrote and illustrated, There Was Magic Inside, was published by Simon and Schuster. Now working as a designer in the giftware industry, he continues to freelance for children’s publications, primarily Highlights for Children. This relationship is especially rewarding as he had a subscription to that magazine as a child. His spare time is spent painting, a passion that never seems to burn out.

David’s love of designing and painting came at an early age. He can cite the moment when he decided to become an artist to a day in kindergarten. He grew up in an artistic environment, his parents having met at Chouinard Art Institute in the 1950’s. His father worked as a graphic designer and his mother studied costume design. These disciplines influenced him greatly, he has a strong design sense and he loves integrating costume into his illustrations.

He was awarded the 2010 award for best children’s magazine illustration of the year (ages 9-11) from the Association of Educational Publishers. The illustration ‘When Cats Dance’ appeared in Highlights Magazine for Children.

David graduated from Art Center College of Design in 1981 and he is happy to report that he’s been working as a professional illustrator since that time.

3 (442x700, 409Kb)

5 (525x700, 466Kb)

8 (700x663, 574Kb)

9 (514x700, 522Kb)

14 (490x700, 620Kb)

15 (497x700, 504Kb)

17 (448x700, 459Kb)

19 (428x700, 420Kb)

22 (535x700, 518Kb)

25 (528x700, 446Kb)

33 (529x700, 487Kb)


Wait until all homeworkers gather at the table, and notice who is holding the cup in his hand as he drinks drinks. Please note that the more people participate in the test, the more interesting. It remains just to compare your observations with the results below.


A person who uses this position of the hand is likely quite confident in his abilities. He will never compromise and always knows what he wants. Sometimes it can even interfere with the achievement of certain goals.
This type of personality feels great in leadership positions, is not afraid to take the initiative in a stressful situation and perfectly coordinates talented people to do the necessary things. It is not surprising that his friends and others appreciate him, as well as his immediate superiors.

They say about such people: "A man with a big heart." Able to listen and hear. This type of character often has to be someone else's vest for the tears of others. This is hardly good, because sometimes there is no time to solve one's own problems.
One way or another, one thing is certain: such a person will not betray and will always try to help, or at least understand the situation in detail. Sensual soul.


Pragmatic and calm. Here is how one could generally describe a person with this type of character. A diligent analysis and miscalculation of all the possibilities a few steps forward are useful and necessary traits that, of course, may come in handy sooner or later.
But not everything is as smooth as it might seem at first glance. The constant retention of their own emotions and complex internal dialogues can lead to complex consequences and even stress.


Caution and apprehension are constant companions of such people. The surrounding things should be practical and absolutely safe. And rest from work can always wait, you never know what can happen.
There is nothing wrong with such an approach, as the saying goes: “God saves you safe”, but the world around us is still a little wider and more diverse. And to explore its amazing beauty, you need to at least sometimes leave the house and breathe deeply.


Impressive and vulnerable type of character. Needs the approval of loved ones, and we are now talking not only about relatives, but also about friends and mentors. Spends a lot of time in the same places, a lot of nostalgia.
The family is always in the first place, and the weather in the house is the most important part of life. On the other hand, such people are reliable and will not put you in the wheel just for fun. Good, reliable friends, perhaps for life.

A light attitude to life and optionality go hand in hand with such people. They have tremendous creativity and a non-standard outlook on life, while the practical side goes far into the background.
But, if you need to go somewhere or do work that promises dubious benefits, then here we are ahead of the rest. Well, everyone has their own character and outlook on life. There is no need to blame anyone for this.

146729473_135776139_918ab63ac2d98defdd7c163ab438df9d (197x192, 37Kb)

Thursday, July 2, 2020

RELAXATION - by Polette


by  Polette

The wind blows
I breathe deeply
I close my eyes so tight
I can barely see light
It feels as if I float in thin air
It's relaxing, it's refreshing
It's peace, it's nature
It's as if I can fly
And never die...