Sunday, November 10, 2019

FALLING LOVE - by Dianna Lyn Toomey


by   Dianna  Lyn  Toomey

Autumn leaves drift never ending
Bright colors of gold and red
I hear the wind sweetly singing
Like your voice I still hear in my head
I see your eyes looking into mine
Darkness meets beauty into the night
I can feel our lips intertwining
Tender kisses slowly igniting
Falling, falling, falling love
I hear you crying from up above
Singing and soaring my beautiful Dove
Falling, falling, falling love
Since we have been apart
The nights have grown old
I feel winter’s heart
Changing warmth into cold
Memories of one special night
I can still feel you, my darling
Missing you, I just might
When Autumn ‘s wind begins to sing.