Thursday, November 14, 2019

PROUDLY A TAILOR - by Frank Adie


by Frank Adie

I cut out pieces from a whole
And put them together to make a more valid whole
My duty is to cover the nakedness of men
And I do that every now and then
I am a professional; I am a tailor
Oftentimes I combine more than a single colour
Creativity is essential to my profession
It is really what drives the world of fashion
With my craft, I make people appear very astonishing
And such feeling is very accomplishing
Sometimes I have to come out with a draft
All in bid to perfect my craft.
I design the costumes of clowns
And make the best of wedding gowns
I am an indispensable artisan
A skilled craftsman, and not a charlatan
I am a proud producer of a basic need
For everyone irrespective of colour and creed
Most times people tend to look down on me
A common tailor is how they address me
Forgetting that a professional is neither only a lawyer nor a doctor
I am a professional craftsman; I am proudly a TAILOR.