Saturday, April 25, 2020

THE WORLD NEEDS YOU - by Arul Santhosh. D - India


by  Arul  Santhosh. D  -  India

It was crafted in the palms of the lord
You made your presence in the field;
Where your parents were gifted a child,
Made them feel- diamond in a century;
Glitter, burnish and twinkle!!

The Sun dawns and makes the field bright
As it sets, it makes the stars twinkle!
Here is born a child, a diamond,
Glisters the world in glitter
Serves the people: food, cloth and shelter!
Embraces the hopeless soul
Boosts them up with higher spirit!

As the diamond starts to smile and glow
The souls get warm beneath its shadow,
Nurtures and feeds the souls:
What love is this ?
Teaches the multitude
What the wisdom is all about!

Whatever the time- day or night ?
It does matter not;
Either it glitters or it does twinkle!
Your actions make the difference;
Sparks a revolution among the mortals
Craft your name here, as an inference
For the world, which chants - “I am in need of you”!!