Wednesday, March 25, 2020

HUSTLE AND GRIN - by Anonymous


by Anonymous

Smile, and the world smiles with you
Knock, and you go it alone
For the cheerful grin
Will let you in
Where the knicker is never known

Growl and the way looks dreary
Laugh and the path is bright
For a wholesome smile
Brings sunshine, while
A frown shuts out the light

Sigh, and you rake in nothing
Work, and the prize is won
For the nervy man
With backbone can
By nothing be outdone

Hustle, and fortune may bless you
Quit, and defeat is sure
For there is no chance
Of deliverance
For the man who can't endure

Sing and the world's harmonious
Grumble, and things go wrong
And all the time
You are out of rhyme
With the busy bustling throng

Kick, and there's trouble brewing
Whistle, and life is gay
All the world's in tune
Like a day in June
And the clouds all melt away