Sunday, March 29, 2020

HE IS MY LITTLE BABY BOY - by Kira D. McClerkin


by  Kira D. McClerkin 

He is my little baby boy

A boy so loved and comforted in life, who thinks that one day this little boy might have a wife?

When he sleeps a calm peace sweeps him away, the sight of his sweet little face makes you want to proudly say

That's MY baby boy, and I love him SOO much

So smart for a boy of two, he knows what a cow looks like and can make noises like one too!

When he plays with his toys he makes the biggest smile, makes it double the worth to watch him all the while.

Sometimes he screams and it hurts so bad, but to hold him in my arms I suddenly don't feel so sad.

But it's always worth it to me, to know he will make happy and beautiful memories,

for me to look back at and see....... how happy this little boy made me!

Who knew one child could bring such love and joy to me?
When he gets older he will be the one to see, not only did he bring love, happiness, and laughter to me, he brought it to everyone he could possibly see!