Friday, January 24, 2020

TRACKS IN THE SAND - by Richard J Sereday Jr


by   Richard J Sereday Jr 

Alone on the beaches I did roam,
on my way to find my dreams,

and for a time, I thought I had
in you found them there for me,

but the time, it was not right,
so retreat is what I did.

My tracks in the sand
that lead me to you,
they were so plain to see,

and I swore one day
I would follow them back to you,
when the time, it was right.

So as I walked away,
dreaming of that day,
the tide, it did come in
and wash my tracks away.

Time brings it's changes
and you can't go back,
try as you might, I fear.

Could the future hold the answers,
or merely more questions,
I guess it's for time to tell.