Wednesday, January 1, 2020

SHUT OUT - by Sarah Elizabeth Beaman


by Sarah Elizabeth Beaman

I am sad,
I cry but no one even looks once
or asks if I am ok
I am scared
I want someone to hold me
but no one cares
I am alone
I ask company
but everyone is too busy to make time for me
I need help
I cry out
but everyone passes right on by me
When I talk I am ignored
When I cry they all laugh
When i want somebody to keep me company, I
get told to find someone new
When I need help I am told I can do it myself
I can`t find a spot of refuge in this hell
they call "life"
So I cry out for the slightest sign of care
But I get nothing
BUT forever I`ll stand strong and when somebody needs help,
love, encouragement, or company
I`ll be the first one to answer their call !