Thursday, January 30, 2020

FALLING SNOW - by Evelyn Macdonald



by  Evelyn  Macdonald

Falling snow is beautiful
pristine, soft and white
a gentle flowing mantle
reflecting nature's light

Icy teardrops congregate
cling to bough and vine
multi-faceted diamonds
glitter, sway and shine

Snowflakes on a frosted lake
become an artists dream
blanketing the silent dell
with perfect winter scene

Skies of heavy laden snow
will surely fall but soon
draping ghostly branches
silhouetted by the moon

The precious jewels of winter
are treasures rich and rare
the glories of the season
are there for all to share

Beauty all around to see
tiny seeds have sown
snowdrops soon will lift their heads
and flowers will be grown

Falling snow is beautiful
both peaceful and serene
holds promises of spring time
from white to budding green.