Thursday, January 30, 2020

TILL WE MEET AGAIN - by Evelyn Macdonald



by   Evelyn Macdonald

I pass this place so many times
but never have gone in
I somehow lack the courage
to confront the death within

The years have come and gone so quick
I count them, four or five
memories that have never dimmed
of when you were alive

I tell myselfI'll visit soon
and that I must be brave
but just can't quite permit myself
to stand before your grave

It's not that I don't want to see
the ground wherein you lie
perhaps by my pretending thus
you really did not die

Unknown forces draw me near
towards your shady spot
all fear inside evaporates
as I drop beside your plot

I'm here at last with painful heart
tears flow to know you're there
whoever brought me to this point
is thanked in silent prayer

I sit beside your grassy mound
unburdening all past pain
I feel the spirits lift my soul
and know we'll meet again.