Thursday, December 19, 2019

I MISS IT ALL - by Robert Arthur Miller


by Robert Arthur Miller

I miss the way we were together
always hand in hand,
I missed our nights on the beach
rolling in the sand.

I miss the way we held each other
under the starlit skies,
and I miss the way you looked at me
with that sparkle in your eyes.

I miss when you were away from me
and you were still my closest friend,
I miss how we stayed on the phone
and talked for hours on end.

I miss the way I felt with you
how you always made me smile,
I miss how you were always beautiful
with your very own fashion style.

What I miss most is holding you
at night when we're in bed,
while we tried to fall asleep
after hearing those words we said.

Thats right, I miss the good nights
and the I love you's too,
I wish I could get these missed thing back
to have them again with you