Saturday, December 14, 2019

BIRD - by Sasha Hart


by Sasha Hart, Turkey

My cries for the stars, my cries were in vain
No stars did not hear, my deep cutting pain
I have screwed up again and lost the one that I love
And once again I talk to stars, way high up above
When will I learn, when will it cease
When can I keep love, and with it, some peace
This time it was different
My love was so true
My verbal abuse, hid that true love from you
You know that I am sorry
For all that I did, I don't know why there were those cruel words I said
I guess it is too late, no sorry will do
For all of my life, I will feel love for you
You were the best, I should have made you my wife
It would not have mattered, for I needed help in my life
I hoped that as friends, our feelings would grow
But I still hear that answer, that answer is no
I don't know what to do
Help me to know, again I cry for stars, but no answer will show
The days they are long and filled with such pain
I had hoped that with you,..I would never see this again