Tuesday, August 6, 2019

OVERWEIGHT WITH FOOD - by Mark R Slaughter


 by Mark R Slaughter

Are you just a tub of lard and
Vastly overweight ?
Do you think that when you die you'll
Need a piano crate
To act as coffin for your frame ? -
Chosen as you die in shame, with
Only you to take the blame
For years of eating much the same:
A daily calorific fest
Gourmands of your ilk digest !

Is your heart in final fling and
Nearly set to burst ?
Are your arteries bunged and clogged and
Feeling now the worst
For wear? - your aneurysm fit to blow
While blood as thick as rising dough
Cries 'Halt! ' to any hope of flow:
A dreadful state to put on show
In front of any nurse !
Best you hail a hearse.