Friday, July 26, 2019

DIFFICULTIES IN LIFE - by Jamie Harris Coleman


by   Jamie Harris Coleman

Sometime success, sometimes failures,
In life’s battle we often meet;
But its our duty to keep on climbing,
Whether a victory or defeat.

Let us then keep moving onward,
Never get discouraged and stop;
If we keep on climbing upward,
We will some day reach the top.

When we reach the long-struggled-for summit,
With memory gazing o’er the past;
Clothed in pleasant smiles we’ll whisper,
Thanks be to God we are here at last.

Here we find the summit roomy,
Here we see a faithful few;
Who have stood life’s stormy billows,
And its obstacles did subdue.

Now we’ll not sit here in comfort,
Just because we’ve reached our goal;
For love and sympathy we’ll be up and doing,
Helping some other struggling soul.

When we reach life’s golden summit,
A new work awaits to be begun;
So we must keep moving onward,
Till all the work of this life is done.