Monday, June 10, 2019

FAERIE FANTASY - by Ashleigh Judith Wilson


 by Ashleigh Judith Wilson

In my dreams I see a world of silver and gold,
In my dreams I see a queen from days of old.

In My dreams I hold you in my arms and never let go,
In my dreams we have tea parties with Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe.

But sometimes in my dreams I see things I never wished to see,
I see evil men and women as they steal you away from me.

I see them take me to a place hidden away from prying eyes,
And here they do things which make me utter tortured cries.

They cut me up and crucify me, brand me, un-hand me and leave me for dead,
Mock me, spit on me, scream in disgust, then leave a crown of thorns upon my head.

And the last thing I see before I breathe, my very last,
Does crowd of players, all seem such a familiar cast?

Family, Friends, Lovers, lost and found,
All come to see as they take my beaten and battered body down.

Then I see an angel appear before my weeping eyes,
And she takes my hand; I fear no more, as my angel softly sighs.

One touch of her lips there upon mine,
Enough to make me weak and swoon ‘til the end of time.

And as we leave this world behind, now black and cold,
Faeries wish us well and charm us so we may never grow old.

She loves me and I love her until my dying day,
And every night I beg that the God’s will keep us safe in each and every way.