Saturday, June 29, 2019

WHITE CAT - by Kitty Smith


by  Kitty Smith

Fluffy white as fresh fallen snow.
Golden eyes that glisten, a gilded glow.
I found her an orphaned shelter cat,
On a folded towel, trying to nap.

I brought her home, where she sniffed around
Accepting of the accommodations, she found.
We spent our first day, with her curled in my lap
After a giant yawn, she took a long winter nap.

Her name unknown, as she could not tell.
I surmised her name must be Snowelle,
Being white as snow and Christmas just passed,
My loss of Taffy left a loneliness, I couldn’t let last.

A youthful ball of white fluffy fur
Lying on my lap with a musical purr.
Snowelle seemed to be saying a simple thank you,
I hated those barking dogs, that place was a zoo !