Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A BACCHIC ODE - by J. Bayard Taylor


by  J. Bayard Taylor  

Wine! bring wine!
Let the crystal beaker flame and shine,
Brimming o’er with the draught divine!

The crimson glow
Of the lifted cup on my forehead throw,
Like the sunset’s flush on a field of snow!

I burn to lave
My eager lip in the purple wave!
Freedom bringeth the wine so brave!

The world is cold!
Sorrow and Pain have gloomy hold,
Chilling the bosom warm and bold!

Doubts and fears
Veil the shine of my morning years!
My life’s lone rainbow springs from tears!

But Eden-gleams
Visit my soul in immortal dreams,
When the wave of the goblet burns and beams!

Not from the Rhine
Not from fields of Burgundian vine,
Bring me the bright Olympian wine!

Not with a ray,
Born where the winds of Shiraz play 
Or the fiery blood of the ripe Tokay ! 


Not where the glee
Of Falernian vintage echoes free
Or the gardens of Scio gem the sea !

But wine! Bring wine !
Flushing high with its growth divine,
In the crystal depth of my soul to shine!

Whose glow was caught
From the warmth which Fancy’s summer brought
To the vintage-fields in the Land of Thought!

Rich and free
To my thirsting soul will the goblet be,
Poured by the Hebe, Poesy !

July, 1847