Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Heart Truth Red Dress | New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Eleven years ago, in the world, a new social movement, which provide important social mission. The initiator of the movement «The Heart Truth. True Heart "was a group of American cardiologists, concerned about the dramatic increase in heart disease in the world, and especially the fact that in recent decades have become susceptible to this illness, and also women who were previously considered more resistant to diseases. The emblem of the movement was the scarlet heart, symbolizing health and indifferent to the serious problems of our time.

The central event
to sensitize the public to the idea of ​​movement, became annual parade of stars in red dresses. To the show Red Dress Collection preparing the leading designers of the world, they are supported by the most famous women - movie stars, sports, television and business. During these shows are going to large sums of money that are sent to care for people suffering from heart ailments.