Thursday, March 28, 2013



by Vivian Edwards

As I set sail on the sea
I feel the peace come over me
The sail raises up so high
I'm a part of it all, the earth and sky

The water is beneath me
The ocean spray cools me gently
There is beauty as far as I can see
So quiet and peaceful my soul is free
I am the best that I can be
A part of the earth and sky

As I set sail on the sea
I feel the peace come over me
The worries of life just fade away
I am the best that I can be
Time to daydream about all my wishes
The hopes within my heart

My hair blows gently in the breeze
I hope this lasts forever and a day
This peace I feel within me
As I sail over the waves
My mind thinks of special days
Of all my life behind
My hopes and dreams of plenty

I smile with special memories
As the gulls fly overhead
I smell the nature all around me
At peace within my soul


by Jim Bradley

She cuts through the swell like an arrow in flight
her tall sails catching the winds full might
through the canyons of the rocky sea
she struggles on and makes no plea
for mercy, from the ocean wide
the beckoning stars, her only guide
where she's headed, only God knows best
for the eternal free spirit of the Marie Celeste.


by Allen Teal

Waves gently rocking
From side to side
Hearing the boat mocking
The rolling sea tide.

Wind in the sail
And sail pulling mast
The boat moves through the gale
Over waves gliding fast.

Staying the course
In rough, calm, or smooth sea
Working hard now to force
The boat to be true as can be.


by G.B.Dent

When wind and wave suddenly change their track;
And a luff in your sail says you've lost the course.
Do you challenge the gods with a windward tack ?
Or turn your back and run with the force ?

Sure an even keel gives the tiller man rest,
As billowing clouds fill the canvas with steam.
And sailing by the lee is an easy test.
On a following sea that rolls like a dream.

Tis' another matter when the sky looks torn
When chop gets hard and the tiller arm aches.
When wind whips the lines and groans forlorn.
It's time to run for home, and heavens sake.

Yet others welcome that haul with a shout.
With nose in the air, and a scowling brow,
They bark at the wind "Prepare to come about ! "
Then bring the gale right across the bow.

Now the sails complain with an angry flap.
As the boom swings by, jump from your seat.
The jib flays wildly with a howling rap,
Until it's pulled taught on a leeward cleat.

Then blooming canvas quickens the pace.
With the rhythmic slap of spray prevailing;
Rising, falling sun and wind in your face.
Now by God that's what I call sailing !


by John Hayden

I sit here in my sailing boat,
Way out in the sea,
There's no one here, I think to myself
Just my boat and me,
Cruising further from the shore,
The land line is deminishing,
My sail is bulging, with the wind,
There's one thing that I am wishing,
I wish to do this again real soon,
The feeling is tremendous,
The sound from the splashing waves,
Is simply stupendous,
The seagulls flying overhead,
The cotton wool in the sky,
In the greeness of the sea,
A dolphin caught my eye,
Just adding to the moment,
This moment was for me,
To enjoy the many wonders,
While sailing in the sea.


by Yap Lee Fung

Sail, sail away
The rigging will manipulate my way
to where my vessel may lead me to stray

The sun will be my blanket and the ocean will be my bed
The hull will be my terrain and the bells will make my day

Navigate, navigate, navigate
The sailors do that all day

The storm may devour
The typhoon may lure
But my vessel will stand tall

The anchor will rest my vessel
and the sailors shall rest their day
thus making my voyage a wonderful stay !


by Mona Gallagher

I set my sails beneath the moon,
desiring only the silver light;
moon smiles mockingly at me
and says, 'I shine only in the night.'

Engrossed, I watch the heavens grow
gathering silver dust in the sky.
Now and then, it sighs a sigh,
while sweeping moonbeams to my eyes.

I watch the sky with hopeful heart,
for I seek more than veiled illusion.
'Truth may break your heart', Moon says,
'Keep on sailing in delusion.'

Painting by Tim Thompson , Marine Artist,England, UK