Friday, March 29, 2013


It was a cold and dreary stormy night, and Louise was home alone with her mother’s boyfriend Max.  Max had moved in several months ago.  Louise’s mother Bridge was a gorgeous statuesque lady who worked nights as a waitress at a high-end French restaurant.  That left Max and Louise home together five nights a week.  “You look good tonight, Louise, are you going out with Howard ?”” asked Max.  Max loved Bridget completely, but he was enamored somewhat with Louise.  Louise had her mother’s looks and she was only eighteen.  Max was twenty-six.

Max was a handsome man who stood at six feet tall with cropped black hair and striking bright blue eyes.  He spent most of his free time exercising at the gym.  Louise had a crush on Max and as she told her best friend Howard, “If my mother wasn’t dating him, I would go after him myself !”  Howard was a homely fellow who wore big black-rimmed glasses, but he and Louise had been friends since childhood.

“No, I’m staying in because of the weather.  Do you want some popcorn and we can catch a movie on the television ?” asked Louise.  Max was agreeable and Louise went into the kitchen.  She was comfortable around Max and thought nothing of plopping herself onto the sofa right next to him.  They cuddled up as they often did and turned on a movie.  Max was drinking beer and was getting slightly drunk.  Louise pressed herself up close to Max, and he was getting sexually aroused.

One thing led to another and before long, Max and Louise were making out and kissing passionately.  They ended up making love on the sofa.  Louise sobbed softly afterwards.  “What’s the matter, Louise?  I didn’t mean for this to happen! It can never happen again and we can’t tell your mother!” Max insisted.  Louise replied in almost a whisper, “No, I won’t tell my mother, but it was so beautiful, I think that I’m in love with you !”  Max was stunned.

“Who wouldn’t want to hear those words ?” he thought to himself.

They discussed the situation.  Max explained that he was the adult and he was living with Bridget and that Louise was way too young.  He further explained that in time she would find someone her own age, and he stressed one more time that they couldn’t tell Bridget.  Louise agreed reluctantly and went up to her room.  She called Howard.  “It was wonderful and he was sooo gentle!  I know that I am in love with him and I know he loves me too!”  Howard alarmingly replied, “Oh, Louise, what if you get pregnant!”  “Oh, Howard, it never happens the first time you do it!” Louise answered with a laugh.

For the next few weeks, everything was normal.  Max kept his distance from Louise and the matter seemed history.  And then one Friday night, Louise was dressed in special attire.  She looked beautiful.  “Are you going out tonight, Louise ?” Max asked.  “No, I’m staying in.  Do you want to watch a movie ?  I’ll make some popcorn.” Louise replied.  Max remembered what happened the last time Louise made popcorn.  “No, I’m going out myself.” he state

Louise got sullen.  She felt that Max was avoiding her, which he was, but she was taking offense and said, “Max, what’s wrong ?  You don’t seem to want to spend time with me any more !”  “Sweetie, that’s not it.  It is just that I was planning to go out and meet some buddies tonight, that’s all.” he responded.  Max got dressed and left Louise all alone.  She was getting huffy.

When Bridget arrived home, she asked Louise, “Where is Max?”  “Oh, he went out to meet some friends.” answered Louise.  Bridget was in a bad mood and was being spiteful with Louise.  Then she complained that Louise had not cleaned the condo very well and went off on a tangent.  They argued.  “Look, Louise, I work five nights a week to put you in those fancy clothes …” said Bridget.  Louise retorted with, “You are never satisfied!  You can’t even satisfy your own boyfriend !  He had to come to me!”  Bridget stood steadfast with a stern look on her face and said, “What ?  What do you mean by that remark ?”  “Look, mother, you may as well know now !  Max and I are in love !” responded Louise in a haughty tone.  Bridget was aghast.
Bridget broke down and screamed in an austere voice, “I don’t know what has been going on between you and Max, but it is going to stop now !  You can count on that young lady !”  Louise ran up to her room.

A few hours and a few cocktails later, Bridget was inebriated and morose.  She was thoroughly angry and ready to attack Max as soon as he walked through the door.  And he did around midnight.  He, too, had had a few drinks while out with his friends.  He and Bridget got into a horrific argument and when she blurt out that she knew about him and Louise, Max was dumbfounded and short tempered.  “What ?  What are you trying to say ? One time !  One time I made love to Louise, and it was an accident !”  “Well, it will be your last !  I want you to pack up your things and get out of here tonight !” blasted Bridget.

Max went to their bedroom and started packing his things.  Louise had heard the entire argument and went into their bedroom.  “I am sorry, Max, but I had no choice !  I had to tell mother that we are in love !” she said.  “Look, Louise, I don’t know what you have going on in your pretty little head, but we are not in love !  We made a mistake one time and that is not love !” He retorted.

Max left that night and it took weeks for Bridget and Louise to finally overcome the ordeal.  Bridget made Louise understand, and they were civil to one another.  Bridget started seeing Max again, but she refused to let him move back in.