Monday, March 4, 2013


Gabor Vida -Hungarianpainter, master ofgenre scenes.Most of the paintingsare inspiredTypesGaborhis interest in theworldand culture ofOld Europe.Artistenticesthe viewerinto his world,whererealityis inextricably linkedwith imagination.Favorite motifof the artistarenocturnalor nightscenes.

He was born
January 24, 1937in Budapest.His motherwas an operasinger and amember of the RoyalHungarianOpera, his fatherwas an architect.In 1947,hisparents noticed thatVidaGaborwas able toaccuratelyreproduce theclassical music onflute,only on the basisof hearing.He was considered achild prodigy, andhewas admitted to the"Ferenc Liszt music academy".There hewas a studentof ProfessorFerenc Hochstrasser.He gave manyconcertsas a soloist withthe BudapestPhilharmonic Orchestrain Hungary andin many Europeancountries.In 1950,he beganto drawmore andparallel.

In 1961,
GaborVidaleft hisprofessorshipfor flute,whichshone the16 yearsof life.
In 1974,
he made theanimated film"The Boy-in-law" forMafilm.He alsostudied sculpture,jewelry makingand restoration ofantiquechasov.V1977he decidedto devotehimself to painting.He prefersthe format40 x 50 cmfor itskartin.Tschatelnoprepareshis canvasesanddeveloped his own uniquestyle thatdrawsno visibletrace of thebrush.To date,workGaborTypesof special interestamong collectorsin Europe and America.His works are inGallerie Amsterdamin Carmel(California) andin private collections.