Friday, March 22, 2013



by Zuhal Olcay

I couldn't comprehend how, but
We met
Out of nowhere.
Don't ask me why, there is no point
I just wanted to hug you.
I couldn't help myself, and I came to you.

I see now, it was you I have been looking for all my life
Is there anyone who won't open the door when it's love knocking...
It is hard to live alone, but it is even harder to wait
I suffered enough, come and stay with me.
Reason, determination, strength...
They just don't work when you are in love
I want to be with you.

I used to not believe in love
I used to laugh at other people
I used to say, one will create his own destiny
But words are vain when you are in love
My heart goes crazy whenever I see you

Reason, determination, strength...
They just don't work when you are in love
I want to be with you.


by Can Yücel

missed you...
leaving scracthing my heart for so long
mising you is drugging my brain
even though we dont get together often
knowing that you are with me
is warming inside of me for long
i understand newly.
your absence,
get out of being a stucked pain into my heart
(appeared) as a continually emptiness
begining to the mornings with caressing you
in the evenings putting everything aside
but talking with you, i miss them...
our playings
our walks
your sweet naughtiness
your childish offendings...
how you were strong to others
while defending me
and how you were tender
with a couple of slitted eyes
when you leave yourself to my caresses
Even though i never want you to go
to see that you have to do that
and without saying you those
to say 'go now'
'as soon as you forget me, that soon
you will meet the happiness'
haw hard to say to you...
not to be able to see you and maybe after years
when we met
to want you to look at me as a stranger...
and to deal with my heart that i forbid another love...


 by  Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

Easy to say forget, tell me about it!
I can't forget, see i can't forget
There is something here, inside of me, that overwhelms me
Here right over my heart
There is something stay nailed
It is beyond my control, i can't take it out
My eyes are getting lost, with looking fars
Whoever i see, it looks like you some
It makes me remind you, that cloud, that sky
That sea beats the rocks
That sad melody, that 'napoliten' song
That sometimes we used to listen together
I think of you always, without a stop, without getting tired
Whom they are looking, her that beautiful eyes
Where is her lovely hands
However, days are not those days
Nights are not those nights
And its your yearning that remains only in the nights
I grow you inside of me, with thinking and thinking
Growing sorrow with you
New and new grieves i grow, unbarable
Dirty waters are passing through my marrows
A poison is mixing into my blood, do you understand me?
One more time i see you, i wish, one more time
For one day, even for one minute
Easy to say forget, tell me about it
I cant hold my tears, while i remember
You, over my tongue
You, inside of my head
Are you destiny, cradle? Who are you?
I can't forget, see i can't forget


by  Cenk (cybernetics)

With every breath I take, this trembling heart of mine seeks you,
The moment it feels you, the bleeding wounds scab over.
Are dreams real, or is reality a dream instead,
Maybe it will come true one day, but let it never end even if it is a dream.

You seem so close that if I stretch out my hand I could touch you
Words are not enough to describe the beauty of your eyes
Even if I cannot hold your hand, while you are so close,
Please never ever give up saying you love me.

Hope is the key of the heart, opening the way to freedom
As I watch the darkness of the night through my misty window
A few melodies flow through my mind,
With every strum of my guitar, just one voice is heard,
"I love you, there is always one hope within me.


by  Soner Arıca

if i am living though far away from you
know that i never forgot you
if it is not the death that separate us
it's a pity, we have made a mistake
from you or from me, doesn't matter
we yielded to temptation, buried love...

you didn't use to call my name when you call me
love you used to call, my love you used to
whenever you say love
you made me fall in love with you more
i remember the moments we meet
roses used to appear in my heart when you come
even we separated for 3-5 hours
my leaves fall down when you go...

we were two stars stay together according to you
the most bright, the most beautiful one was me
i was your only star up in the sky
in the storms that you hide and be protected
a harbour you used to say about me
that you will love me at the end of life
and with handcuffing your heart to mine
you threw its key to ocean, you used to say
the end of the world was the day that i lost you for me
you were the most precious treasure i keep in my soul
i will keep it forever too
when i dream about how you are when i am absent
i see you happy, very happy
because that was all i always wanted
all the goods must be yours
don't want the same from me...
i cant put anyone to your place
i never loved another one but any other one more than you
you called me love, i cant spoil it

there was some songs that we used to love
you to me, me to you, that was sung
when you hear one of them or similar to them
you remember me and smile
me? i will never forget us
if somebody find the key that you threw to ocean
for tying us from each other
i did better, i scratched your name to my heart
to remember you in its every beat

if i am living though far away from you
know that i never forgot you
if it is not the death that separate us
its a pity, we have made a mistake
if the death is the reason for this leaving
and if i am the first one goes
don't get so upset
as you wanted from me
Take care of yourself
if i am the one remained
you will always see me then
i never loved any other one but any other one more than you
you called me love, i cant spoil it

we got offended, separated, we couldn't stand it
couldn't love the wars too, we were peace
we got some sad with a few words said mistakenly
we meant to make love our separations
we wanted, promised to the biggest love
we never jealoused others love
we were what we were, stayed so with the belief
we didn't copy from others story

neither from pain or from missing
we never afraid of
what fights we had though
never gave up one day
we drove through the love
we didn't lose
from others feelings
we didn't steal

we didn't spoilt others games
we didn't spoilt the rule of this world...


Cenk (cybernetics)

My heart becomes a fire some days and water in others
It burns everything and then puts the fire off
My heart becomes snow some days and rain in others
Stays as piles of snow, becomes flood and goes away

It gets delighted when sees you
Gets excited when it hears your voice
Its beating is like an orchestra, plays its songs for you
With every pulse, your name is reverberated in my vessels

It becomes a fire some days and water in others
But, my heart gets warmer in your palms only


by  Can Yücel

Was it you or your loneliness
In the blind dark we opened bleary eyes
Last night's curses on our lips
We would frequent art-lesbian-lovers,
Galleries and public places
My daily care was to remove you into the midst of men
An ammoniac flower in your button hole
My loneliness my incontinent countess
The lower we sink the better

We loitered in the pubs at Kumkapğ
With bean stew, beer and wine before us
And police battalions behind us; in the mornings
My Guardian Saints would find my carcass in the gutters
Hot as the garbage-collecfors' hands,
With their hands I caressed you.
My loneliness my bristle-haired beauty,
The higher we stink the better

I looked in the sky a red flash a plane
Steel and stars and human beings galore
One night we leaped the Wall of love
Where I fell was so clear so open
You and the universe at my side.
Uncountable my deaths, their resurrections.
O loneliness my many songs

The more we can live without lies the better.

by  Cenk (cybernetics)

This love burns me,
And my ashes are scattered to
The oceans, the thief of your eye colour.
This man gets miserable with your absence,
Strong with your existence.

This love will overrun the mountains between us,
Stars will guide in the darkness of the night.
What use if I write your name on the walls, in my palms?
If you look at the sky, you will see,
The clouds have already written it as if they are jealous of me

Cenk always mentions your name in his words.
He tells you about you who is shining in the darkness.
Whenever he thinks you love him,
He knows, it makes life worth living


by  Can Yücel

It is not that important to leave and go
if it didn't leave gaps behind
that are impossible to fill.

Even the big separations are not that hard to endure,
if they were started at the best moment.

Crying is not something to be ashamed of,
if the tears are coming from the heart.

Stealing is not disgraceful,
if it is the heart of somebody that is stolen.

Love has nothing to be afraid of,
if one could get rid of all skins.

A known voice would not make one so upset,
if it was never heard.

The leak proof embraces would perhaps be forgotten more easily,
if they were not wrapped with passionate love.

The big hazel eyes would head to uncertainty as time passes,
if they didn't look so crazy.

It would perhaps be easy to forget the burning taste of a wet kiss,
if the heart did not press on the rib cage that hard.

The long night conversations could be replaced by something else,
if the last cigarette was not shared breath by breath.

It wouldn't snow even on the dreams,
if the fears had not wounded love in the battles.

Time, still as if it will never pass, would fly like an arrow,
if the one that's worth waiting for would come at the end.

Even the color of the hair in the dreams would fade away with time,
if their inexpressible smell had not stuck on the pillows.

Even that huge, that splendid end, death, would lose its meaning,
If everything worth living was already lived.

Loneliness would not be that unbearable,
If the final glimmer of hope had not faded away.

The spring sun perhaps would not heat this much,
if life did not start again after every loss.

It would perhaps not be necessary to smoke before breakfast,
if a giant wave of longing did not challenge.

Maybe the thin waist would remain in memories,
if even the shameless tea was not given in a thin-waisted glass.

Sleeplessness would not ruin that badly right after short naps,
if the silk skin to touch was not that far away.

Even a jobless home could turn to paradise maybe,
if it was heated by a warm smile.

Poems with the taste of aged wine would not feel as poor,
if there was someone to whisper them to.

It would perhaps not be possible to believe that every love hides a separation deep inside,
if it did not have on its calling card the label 'first degree perpetrator of so many separations'.

Daisies would not really look down,
if they did not have their shares from your betrayal.

Coasts would not surrender to solitude,
if you did not try to console yourself with aimless strolls on your own faint coasts.

I will be alone after you go.
and I am not afraid of being alone,
but what if I want to hold your hands...

Yes sweetheart,
Who would miss the smell of the sweat inside your palms,
who would want to lie along your thin fingers,
if these eyes had not witnessed a splendid period in their past!!


by  Aziz Nesin

You made me wait so long, so long that
I got used to missing you
You came back after a long time
I now love longing for you more than I love you


by  Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

What I loved most about you was your voice
Fogged most of the time, like a fresh bread
That calls to love first, then gives a rest
A friend to me all the time, loved all the time

What I loved most about you was your hands
Cool as a spring water, small and white
I saw many beautiful things on this world
The best is to wake up one morning with your hands

What I loved most about you was your eyes
Sometimes a childish blue, sometimes contrarily green
Brightness, health, happiness
None of these is as meaningful as your eyes

What I loved most about you was your smile
Making me happy, growing flowers of hope inside me
It eases all my pains, difficulties
My world finds its meaning when you smile

What I loved most about you was your behavior
Your mercy for the weak, your resistance to unjust
Your being a proud wild tigress
Against injustice and despotism

What I loved most about you was your heart full of love
Your motherhood covering all the children
In this world where loves are sold for one penny
You are the one who holds love above everything

What I loved most about you was your reflection on me
Your existence in me, your being one with me
I loved your your bravery, honesty, pureness
I loved you, I loved you, I loved...


by  Jorge Luis Borges

If I could start over my life,
I would make more mistakes in the new one.
Not trying to be perfect, I would just lie on my back.
I would be happy, more than I ever was in my first try,
There would be very few things
That I would do seriously.
Cleanliness would never be a problem.
I would take more risks.
I would travel more.
I would watch the sunrise more often,
I would climb mountains and swim in rivers more often.
I would go see places I didn't see.
I would eat ice cream like crazy, and green beans much less.
I would have real troubles, instead of the imaginary ones.
I used to be striving for efficiency at every moment of my life.
If I could start over, I would only have happy moments.
Do you realize that this is what life is all about?
Moments, only moments. Seize the moment.
I used to go nowhere without water, umbrella and parachutes with me.
If I could start over, I would carry nothing.
If I could start over,
I would throw away my shoes in the Spring.
And I would walk barefoot until the end of Fall.
I would discover hidden paths, enjoy the sun,
And play with the kids, if I had the chance.
But I am 85 and I know...
I am dying...


Fikret Kızılok

When forgetting only a day
You are left outside me
But when thinking of you
You don’t fit inside me
Time to time, that time
Time to time, that time

When I close my eyes

You are next to me
You don’t notice it
When I kiss you, when I huge you
Time to time, that time
Time to time, that time

Every day at sunset

You fill into my wineglass
Sip by sip, drop by drop
You become my thought
Time to time, that time
Time to time, that time

On my cigarette’s smoke

You land on my lips
Each breath deeper and deeper
You fill inside me
Time to time, that time
Time to time, that time


by  Orhan Veli Kanık

I am not far from you
Your eyes shall know to look, I am in your looks
Perhaps closer to you than yourself
I am at every beat of your heart...

by  Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

You lose your sleep at nights
Morning sun refuses to rise
Your eyes get stuck at a point in the ceiling
A ringing starts in your ears, maddening
Neither the bed sheet understands, nor the pillow
The light you wait for does not enter through your windows
You turn to your bed and cry for your helplessness
The memory that you can't forget fills inside you
As if you took a deep breath from your cigarette
You will understand one day what it means to love
One day, you will understand that everything is actually vain
Honor, virtue, goodness, beauty
A day comes when you hit your head to the cold stone walls
Just to hear that voice only once
The hurt and brokenness in your feelings grow and grow
You feel
Deep inside the pain of being desperate
You will understand one day what it means to love
One day, you will understand what your hands are for
What you were created for
Why you came to this disgusting world
You watch your beauty in the mirrors, with no hurry
And you feel the pain of those years that passed by in vain
Your eyes get wet, you feel grieved
You will understand one day what it means to love
One day, you will understand the taste of the loved lips
You will understand how out of reach the loved eyes are
When that totally unexpected time comes
You hair falls on your eyes, but white
Your hands try to reach the sky
But desperate
But tired
But exhausted
One day, you sleep towards the past
And the painful truths line up one after another
You will understand one day what it means to love
One day, you will understand to dream
To wait
To hope
Like a dirty shirt, you want to take off and throw away
The fearful night wrapping your hole body
You curse that you live
You tear apart and throw away whatever you have left from the past
Then, a flower grows on my grave, by itself

That day, you will understand that I love you


by  Cenk (cybernetics)

I do feel like heavy rain clouds
My whole soul outbursts with a lightening
you may think the drops falling on you is rain
realise, it is my love burnt body raining on you.

My words are all about you and in my mind, it is only us

my heart is yours my wild flower, only yours
Others get drowned in your eyes, they should not look, please.
They will get lost in your unbounded heart, i know
It is very soon for me to come to you my lover
It is your right to have me, i know

I know the agony of the morning less nights.

They witnessed my love, my grief and every bit of me burnt with your passion
Even the nights knew you, they knew in the end, I would not give up you
Please, you don't give up either, please, no more sad words from your mouth
wipe your tears now, I am coming to become yours
despite the whole suffering and the whole agony, my sufferings don't scare me.

by  Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

I can't say I understood you! I am guilty
Perhaps I couldn't express my feelings
I was in fires every night, at your absence
I used my tears to stop the fires in my heart
I used to miss you every day, every minute
My longing never ended even when I was with you
It made me quiet, when you looked into my eyes
As helpless as a marble statue
You didn't know what I used to think when you weren't with me
And what I wanted to say when we came together
Time flied like an arrow
And it was the end for me when you left me
The worst was being left alone
I can't tell that loneliness
Winters ended, summers passed
In half-lived emotions and joys
And years passed one after another
Distances grew inside me
Nothing was enough to console me
All flowers died in the gardens.
If only I could say
I have the greatest of happinesses, take it
You would understand, wouldn't you
If I could say DON'T GO, just as I felt it.

by  Ataol Behramoğlu

You are my beloved, you don’t have time to think who you are,
instead of thinking the things to do
Inside the crowded, a one from the crowded
A star in a night, like a lost childhood
You are my beloved, kissing your white teeth, a verse is hiding there
From the last nights unfinished making love.

You are my beloved, my raucous love, boiling youth
I am flying you to your childhood
Your wings get tired, you are all wet...sweaty
In the night you wake up screaming near me
Every morning I wave my hands to your mixing with metal

You are my beloved, sometimes we delay the love with putting a paper between it
In the busses in the train, is lived secretly
And without getting boiled all together side by side


by  Yavuz Bülent Bakiler

If only you came one day..
From the distant, tired like a pigeon sweetheart.
A never ending beauty in your eyes
Spring in your hair..

If only you came one day..
A fresh breeze in your smile
Your hands still as beautiful
All the doors you touch blossomed..

If only you came one day..
Your longing inside me, like eternity.
I stare bewildered all of a sudden, helpless.
Stars from the sky fallen on my heart.

If only you came one day..
With no shadow on your face, and no reproach in your words.
I rub your dusty shoes on my eyes
The whole world is mine...


by  Can Yücel

Assume we never separated
I am still longing for you
Your magic is still in my eyes
I feel as if we are always together
You and I, and the world


by  Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

How kind of love is this?
How kind of passion?
How kind of yearning?
Whenever i see your eyes
Both I increase one, decrease one

I am happy as you exist
Here take, i longed my hands
To embrace you
My gazelle! for maybe you hear one day
I had climbed top of the mountain, i sing you song

Such a beautiful hands you have, so slim
Such a beautiful hair you have all brown
Don't you see those eyes without lie
Those eyelashes, those lips
When i think of them, i yearn wholly

If i say take, and give you my life
You afraid, you cant take
If i say stay, you run away again my gazelle
If i say smile, you cry
If i say come, you wont come, i know...

These barriers are not for me, yet
I come over these mountains
I pass these seas, don't worry
Now, i am on the road
Stay, wait for me, i am coming

To love is my belief, my passion is the oldest
If i scattered this love, it would be enough for worlds.
Would you think, would you understand my gazelle
What changes if you are not here
Neither i am dead like that, nor i am dying like this


by  Aziz Nesin

I perceive that you will run away..
I can't beg, I can't run
But leave your voice with me

I know you'll break off
I can't hold your hair
But leave your smell with me

I understand that you'll leave
I am already ruined, I can't collapse
But leave your color with me

I feel that you'll get lost
That will be my greatest pain
But leave your heat with me

I distinguish that you'll forget
Pain is a vast grey ocean
But leave your taste with me

You'll leave anyway
I have no right to stop you

by  Özdemir Asaf

Loneliness, a second in life,
Every time starts all over again
Can’t be understood from its outside.

Or a huge lie,
Chases as you try to get rid of
Can’t be shared.

Which separates me to you in a dream of you
Loneliness can’t be shared
If it is shared, it cant be loneliness.

by  Ataol Behramoğlu

There is one thing I learned from what I lived:
When you live something, you must live it fully
Your lover must be exhausted from your kisses
You must be exhausted from smelling a flower

One can look at the sky for hours
One can look for hours at the sea, at a bird, at a child
Living on this world is being one with it
Growing unbreakable roots into it

When you hug your friend, you must do it with all your power
You must be in a fight with all your muscles, body and passion
And when you lie on the hot sand,
You must rest like a grain of sand, like a leaf, like a stone

One must listen to all the beautiful music
Such that the sounds, the melodies fill inside

One must dive headfirst into this life
Like diving from a rock into an emerald sea

People you don't know must attract you to distant lands
You must live with the desire to read all the books and to know all the lives
You must exchange nothing with the happiness of drinking a glass of water
But for all the happiness there is, you must be filed with the longing to live

And you must also live grief, with honor, with all your presence
Because grief also maturates one, like happiness
Your blood must be intermixed with the large circulation of life
The never ending, fresh blood of life must circulate in your veins

There is one thing I learned from what I lived:
When you live, you must live big, like being one with the rivers,
the sky, and the whole universe
Because what we call lifetime is a gift presented to life
And life is a gift presented to you.


by  Ataol Behramoğlu

Direction of wind changes
Leaves fade suddenly
Ship loses its Way on the sea
looks for a harbor in vain
Laughter of a stranger
has already stolen your lover;
The poison gathered in you
will kill only itself
The only thing experienced alone is death
Love requires two people

Even its a memory did not remain
from lovemaking during nights
The skin I touched thousands times
the poems you can write is thousands year far.


by   Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

it was a September that starts inside of me
trees had left his leaves
the grasses had turned into yellow
the colors had faded away, of all flowers
the sky had been covered by dark clouds
trains of birds were flying away
the wind was blowing crazily
it has been ruined what remained from summer
the spring was like a season that never lived

what was those times
i had loved, i had been loved
what was those tempers, over impulsivenesses
what is that my accepting destiny
what is that heart turns into embers with sorrow
what is that dried river; my tears
What is that long darkness in front of me
what is that ash amount behind me; my fifty years

you caught me badly June
heavy with grief, ruined at the end of September
brought a first summer freshness
with your blue blue sky
with your sun gives life to soul
with your gigantic shining sea you went inside me
flowers opened where you touched
grasses grew where you walked
and roses doubled where you smiled

over my head, your birds are flapping their wings now
with the weight of the nuts you ripened
my hands are touching ground
without setting the sun of your hair
a full moon is rising in your looks
during the day, from you a breeze is blowing to my burning forehead
my sleepless nights are brightful with you
i am feeling dizzy, of i am feeling dizzy because of living
i can day now..

if you say don't die; Don't go stay then!
embrace me tightly, be my skin, don't leave me
look; my fingers are fire
lavas are springing up from my pupil's
Come now, hold my hands, burn with me
Challenge with me to all desperation
Sleep with me, wake up with me
Let's reach together to the thirteenth months .


by  Sunay Akın

When you left
did you not take with you intentionally
the hole
that your head left
in the pillow

Whereas I used to trust
our love
as much as the accuracy of
the clock
in the ferry quay or train station

Only mom left me
like you did
I still have on my belly
the hole
left to me
from her absence


by  Aziz Nesin

You are not here
It's raining in vain,
We won't be able to soak together...
This river is in vain,
Its struggle and flutter...
We won't be able to sit by it and watch together...
The roads go on and on
They get tired in vain
We won't be able to walk together...
Yearning and separation are in vain
We are far from each other
We won't be able to cry together...
I love you in vain
I live in vain
We won't be able to share life together...


by Behçet Necatigil

It falls off a lot of people, heaven knows,
Yet no passerby catches sight of it,
I bend and pick it up,
At my touch it turns into a faded rose.

In one of those big cities
He wanders at this or that crowded spot
In the country at a far-off place where he is
In a hotel room or a coffeehouse;
Wherever he goes at this late hour
He sticks his hands into his pockets
And through cigarettes and pieces of paper
It gently slips out and goes,
I bend and pick it up, no one materializes
At my touch it turns into a faded rose.

Or it lingers on the lipstick
That a lonely girl takes off
On the threshold of another weary night
When she rests her head on the pillows
Sometimes at midday it cuddles up to me
You know it's on that same cloud of sorrows
That descends mostly at autumn or at rainfall.
I reach out and clutch it, no one materializes
At my touch it turns into a faded rose.

On hands and lips and desolate inscriptions
It gets caught in nets drawn across the night
Panting like a wounded animal
In anguish, he yearns to escape the net's throes
And to run along the roads or the mementos.

Time and time again I take it along, it stays awake all night
Stirring in darkness, whenever I touch it
At my touch it turns into a faded rose.


by  Cenk (cybernetics)

Now I'm looking at the places you've been looking at

Those places you know, wilt because of the blueness of your eyes

The clouds cover the sun, so that your eyes won't be dazzled

And the sky, because it's jealous of your eye color

Wrap themselves up in a fake blue...


by  Nazım Hikmet

The Blue-Eyed Giant, the Miniature Woman
and the Honeysuckle

He was a blue-eyed giant,
He loved a miniature woman.
The woman's dream was of a miniature house
with a garden where honeysuckle grows
in a riot of colours
that sort of house.

The giant loved like a giant,
and his hands were used to such big things
that the giant could not
make the building,
could not knock on the door
of the garden where the honeysuckle grows
in a riot of colours
at that house.

He was a blue-eyed giant,
he loved a miniature woman,
a mini miniature woman.
The woman was hungry for comfort
and tired of the giant's long strides.
And bye bye off she went to the embraces of a rich dwarf with a garden
where the honeysuckle grows
in a riot of colours
that sort of house.

Now the blue-eyed giant realizes,
a giant isn't even a graveyard for love:
in the garden where the honeysuckle grows
in a riot of colours
that sort of house...


by  Feridun Düzağaç ( Singer)

Flowers die if watered too much
I cry too much, my eyes putrefy if you go
I am a naughty child who is happy with the games
in your rose garden and likes being forgiven too much

What a beautiful rose you were, you would never fade
You would both love me too much and would not make me tired.
Flowers ....
Flowers grow as long as they are liked.
I tell you not to go, don't go !
..... My flowers die with me

Don't go away here
Let here go, don't go
If going would be solution...
and if one has to go...
let this place go, don't go...
.... don't go


by  Sipho Khumalo

I thought of writing you a poem about your beauty but the heavens
Beat me towards by creating angelic beings just to keep the piece of you in heaven.
Then I thought of writing you a poem about how your presence make me feel but
Your man beat me toward by having you first before me.

Then I thought of writing you a poem about your smile but the flowers

Beat me towards by blooming and blossoming whenever you choose to smile.
I thought of writing you a poem about your eyes but the star beat me
Towards by shining imitating the brightness of your eyes.

I thought of writing you a poem about your kiss but the bees beat me

Towards by creating sweet honey just to replicate the sweetness of your kisses.
Then I thought of writing you a poem lips but Mother Nature beat me towards
By painting the rainbow after the storm.

I thought of writing you poem about your touch but the trees beat me

Towards by letting the leafs to fall just to pay their respect to you.
Then I thought of writing you a poem that I wrote
I love you my twin soul.


by  Ahmet Selçuk İlkan

How kinda farewell is this, what kinda goodbye
your eyes saying stay, your lips saying go
your look key, your eyes lock
your hands say open, your lips say go

Separation is river with no turn back

Loneliness is a ruined deserted city
who knows how many love turned to ash like that
your tears say stay, your lips go

If i go, wont turn back

If i stay, will be beaten to my heart
I couldn't understand you, will go mad
your eyes say stay, your lips say go

our pictures are taken over walls?

our names become strangers?
how about our crazy nights?
memories say stay, your lips say go

this novel, too, maybe ends soon

what loves ruined from pride and coyness
Again melodies cry from the Hejaz
Songs say stay, your lips say go


by  Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

We lived with you the sweetest of memories
In a coastal town, for three days and three nights
I caught fire when my hands touched yours
You were so warm, so bright

We created our own universe on the sands
With beauty, happiness and love
Were those minutes really lived
Did we really exist, or was it all a dream

Even those times passed
That craziness, hard to live again
Those forests that we burned with our warmth

You, the ones who now live in that coastal town
Hear this, understand this, and shout this out loud
Such a memory can't be lived again.


by  Ahmet Selçuk İlkan

We had lived the most immortal of times
Draught the biggest circle of the happiness
Carried the love to the largest angles together
Do you remember ?

Had rains rained in the driest seasons
Assorted hopes we had grown up inside of us
How yearnings those were we kept secret
Do you remember ?

We had a song that was the most sorrowful of the songs
I had poems, i used to read to you verse by verse
And then, we used to look eye into eye long and long time
Do you remember ?

Didn't we cry much you without me, me without you
Didn't we run much from the shadow of separation?
How many times we hold our hands to God
Do you remember ?

And then why the leaves of the happiness turned into yellow
And then why we dried the hopes and yearnings one by one?
Yet, a tree we were, grows flowers arm by arm, gives fruit
Do you remember ?

That's the way it is, a dark train was enough to separate us
I couldn't even wave you a handkerchief
And thus lonely, and thus without you i remained
Do you remember ?

Now in the empty wagons i am looking for you
Memories, i am living all over again
It is not up to me, i remember you
I don't know ıf you ever
Remember me ?