Friday, August 10, 2018


16 elements of the wedding wardrobe of the bride, called Solah Sringar are:

Wedding outfit. By tradition, bride's wedding clothes are sari, lenga choli (lehenga) or salvar kameez. Classical Indian, corresponding to the Vedic regulations, the wedding attire of the bride must be red, although sometimes others are found, for example, purple, burgundy, orange, golden, in Maharashtra - green.

Keshapasharachana. To make a magnificent wedding hairstyle (keshapasharachanu), you need to brush the bride's hair with fragrant oils, decorate them with flower garlands and jewelry. A traditional wedding hairstyle is a braid decorated with flower garlands. Long hair braided in a braid is the most important detail of the appearance of an Indian woman, preserved since Vedic times. 

According to the Vedic traditions, a pious woman should have long hair braided in a braid.

Kajal or anjana - a black eyeliner, makes the bride's look attractive and mysterious.Bindi is the red dot on the forehead, which is the sacred symbol of a married woman. Sometimes binidopodnyaetsya small white dots or elegant patterns around the eyebrows.Sindur - parting the bride, painted in red during the wedding ceremony.Mangtika - jewelry on the parting.Nath is a nose ring worn in the left nostril. Like bindi and syndura, it (worn in the left nostril) is the symbol of a married woman.Karn Phul - unusually beautiful wedding earrings, usually in abundance inlaid with precious stones, why are quite heavy.Haar is a wedding necklace, traditionally made of gold and decorated with precious stones, which has different options depending on the region. In many families haar-transmitted by heredity.Bajubahn (Baadjuband) - bracelets that are worn on the arms above the elbow.Mendy - patterns applied by henna on hands and feet.Chudiyan - bracelets worn on the wrist.Itar - aromatic oils.Camarband (camembert) - an elegant gold or silver belt, inlaid with stones, which are worn on the waist to maintain the wedding dress.Payal - silver anklets with a lot of small bells, issuing a gentle melodic ringing in time with the gait.Aarsi is a large elegant ring-mirror that is worn on the thumb of the hand.