Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SPRING THE SEASON OF JOY - by © Rahat Sandhu


by  © Rahat Sandhu

The spring is here and the sun is bright,
Everyone is playful they are not having anyone's fright.
I could see the little birds swaying their wings,
I could hear the pretty flowers sing.
The green leaves that are dancing in the air,
Are fearless from everyone present here.
Tip! tip! tip! the water falls,
Sweep! sweep! sweep! the caterpillar crawls.
And when the playful squirrels run,
They seem that they are having so much fun.
As the small kids are swinging high,
Their rosy pink cheeks get shy.
Jumping, jumping come the rabbits,
I really praise their lovely habits.
As they play with their long ears,
Everyone forgets their cries and tears.
But lets wait for the butterflies,
Who keep on flying in the endless skies.
But now mam taps on the door,
And it's the time to go indoor.
I'm always eager for the spring to come,
Because it brings along so much fun.