Saturday, February 4, 2017

SPRING FLOWERS A - Z by Sandra M. Haight

197 (673x700, 579Kb)

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by   Sandra M. Haight

Azalea blooms show their pink blaze
Begonias in beds amaze
Cornflowers grow in blue delight
Daffodil debuts still thrill our sight
Eastern Redbud, a bright pink splash
Forsythia gold hides winter's ash
Gardenia, soft with creamy hues
Hyacinth paints with varied blues
Irises rise in purple duds
Jasmine vines show pastel buds
Kafir Lily, a border bloom
Lilacs enhance with sweet perfume
Magnolia blossoms pink or white
Neillia clusters in rose delight
Orchids grow with pale soft hues
Pansies, purple with darkest blues
Quince's blossoms of pink delight
Red Chokeberry blooms rose or white
Snowdrops dangle small white gems
Tea Tree Camellias sleep on stems 
Ursinia shows a fiery glow
Viburnum's spread creates nice show
Wax Flowers paint a pastel scene Orchid dream
Yellow Anemones, fullness bring
Zinnias add bright glow to Spring

Изображение - — сервис хранения изображений