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Eguisheim  is a commune in the Haut-Rhin department in Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine in north-eastern France.

Eguisheim produces Alsace wine of high quality. In May 2013 it was voted the «Village préféré des Français» (Favorite French Village), an annual distinction that passes from town to town throughout France.

Human presence in the area as early as the Paleolithic age is testified by archaeological excavations. In early historic times it was inhabited by the Gaul tribe of the Senones; the Romans conquered the village and developed here the cultivation of wine.

The village's name comes from the phrase "House of Aegina" Earl Eguisheim. It is believed that it is here in the 4th century originated Alsatian wine. Eguisheim is one of the most beautiful and typical Alsatian villages. Medieval pearl.

In the early Middle Ages, the Dukes of Alsace built here a castle (11th century) around which the current settlement developed. The commune was the alleged birthplace of Pope Leo IX in June 1002.

The village centre receives many tourists, as the Alsace "Wine Route" passes the village. The village is also a member of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France ("The most beautiful villages of France") association. (Its 2013 election is expected to increase visitation by up to 70%.)

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Fountain-well before the castle is decorated with a statue of Pope Leo IX - he was born here in Eguisheim in 1002 and was the only Alsatian, who held the papacy.
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