Sunday, December 11, 2011

I NEVER KNEW - by Linda Ann Henry

I never knew ...
I would find a man like you

You were always there,
I could not see
How blind I was,
or what you mean to me

I wish I saw how much pain
you were in
There was a veil across my eyes
I never could realize...

Now you mean so much,
can I touch
Your face in my hands,
I understand
My tears will wash away,
your sorrow today

There is no man who
                has so much truth
I believe in this man
I have come to love

You were sent to me
                     from up above
I never knew how I would feel
I almost let love slip me by

Now I know how love can go
I will be yours, until we die
Walk with me so God can see
You now mean the world to me.