Saturday, December 3, 2011


 For every little tear drop

For every little tear drop
A sun comes shining through
Every time it rains
Some happiness comes to you
A Lake can sparkle
Even in the moonlight 
If you forget your troubles
The world is all aglow
For I have had many a little tear drop
With a lot more that would flow
If you can not change your life
You must look at yourself
Even if you are alone
I will be there for you
So every little tear drop
Try to let them go
It is the answer, this much is true
For I myself do know.
Be strong and let a smile come through
Then the little tear drop on a windowpane
Will be just that, there is hope along the lane

     How could I ever forget you

How could I ever forget you
The stars still shine for me
How could I ever forget you
You helped me be the woman I was meant to be
How could I ever stop loving you
When you always stood by my side
The oceans go on forever
My tears are also that wide

How can I ever forget you
With all that we have been through
You may not be my real mother
Still I give all my love to you
How can I ever forget your smile
When the sun still shines
I could look the world over
Yet never anyone like you could I find

How could I ever forget you
When in my heart you lay
How could I ever forget you
You carry my soul away
I know I do not have the color of your hair
I do not have the brown of  your eye's
Yet my feelings for you do not chance
They could not if they tried
I want you to know it does not matter
If I do not have your blood
You love me and took care of me
Now you are with the angels above
Your spirit is now of a dove

Touched by an angel

I was touched by an angel as I slept
With her wings, she touched my cheek
She whispered in my ear
God is protecting you
So you can go back to sleep
Where I am going, I do not know
But my heart is full of love this I am told
When you are touched by any angel
Heaven you see, your life begin
When I reach the sun, my soul comes through
I went to the window, to see  the view
The stars were out, dancing all around
I saw more angels coming down
I was touched by an angel, I was ready to go
Up in the sky we went, A kiss to everyone I sent
I was going to see Jesus, The Son of man
A touch of an angel held my hand 
When the gates were open
I heard a cheer, My friend of my family
Were all up here