Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stunning collection of ELISA CAVALETTI 2016

дизайн одежды

Italian fashion designer known as well as poet and businesswoman Daniela Dallavalle (Daniela Dallavalle) founded his clothing brand in 1989. As a brand name has been chosen the name of her youngest daughter Elisa Cavaletti (Eliza Cavalletto), which for the past three decades is connected with the work of Daniela and her company.
The brand was designed by Daniela Dallavalle in the "total look" style ( "a single style") and meets the needs of women of any age, this is clothing for those who have the desire to free clothing style and deep  sensitivity to beauty, and such qualities as zest for life and love for an interesting and fashionable detail.

The collection Elisa Cavaletti spring-summer 2016 are used mostly natural fabrics restful shades (linen and cotton in a variety of treatments), the model is richly decorated with lace, including macramé, embroidery, including embroidered in the style of "Richelieu" hand-painted on fabric, beads, lots of original buttons (including handmade items) and other original features and enhancements in the form of very showy jewelery and lovely handbags. This collection makes it possible to dress modern and avant-garde elements with elegant boho-chic or boho. All things are quite wearable, they are fashionable, beautiful and fit perfectly into the urban rhythm and style. The spring-summer 2016 by Elisa Cavaletti meet a variety of stylistic directions - from Baroque to the country, from sports to the elements of grunge, there are things everyday wardrobe, but that can be easily transformed into an evening outfit.

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мода 2016

модная одежда

модный тренд

дизайнерская одежда

дизайнерские вещи

дизайнерское платье

дизайн одежды


бохо стиль

бохо шик


бохо украшения

бохо юбка

бохо брошь






мода 2016
мода 2016
мода 2016



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