Thursday, December 1, 2011


 Alfred W. Elmore "The Novice"

 Sofonisba Anguisciola "Portrait of the artist's sister 
in the garb of a nun"

   Noël Hallé "St. Francois de Sales Giving the Rule of 
the Visitation to St. Jeanne de Chantal"

 Alphonse Louis Pierre Trimolet "The House of Refuge"

 François Bonvin "Charity"

 Jehan Georges Vibert "The Convent Choir"

Henri Alphonse Louis Laurent-Desrousseaux "The Eve 
of the First Communion"

  Francisco José de Goya "St. Theresa of Avila "

 François Bonvin "The Letter of Recommendation."

Millais, "Mercy - St. Barthlomew's Night"

  Charles Alston Collins "Convent Thoughts"

 Eugen von Blaas "Feeding the Pigeons"

   Fortescue-Brickdale, "Guinevere"

 Henriette Browne "The Sisters of Mercy"

 Millais, Vale of Rest

 Arthur Hacker, The Cloister or the World

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