Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Christmas is a giving season,
But do you really know the reason?
It’s not the lights or pretty bell
That brings us this time we love so well.
Can you remember, or recall
The very first Christmas gift of all?
I know the story. It is true.
If you listen, I’ll tell it to you.

Long ago, in the cold of night
A pregnant woman was in a plight.
Seeking shelter, she found not one
Where she could stay till the night was done.
Not one could seat her at the table,
But one did let her use his stable.
So there she lay her child to sleep,
In that stable, with cattle and sheep.

Sleeping there on a bed of hay
Was God’s own present to us that day.
The angels sang that night ‘til morn.
That was the night, when Christ was born.
The shepherds in the fields that night
Saw the angels, and it caused them fright.
They were afraid they would be dead,
But the angels spoke to them instead.

  “Great news I bring you this night.
A child is born who will set things right.
He is a gift from God above,
And He is given of God’s great love.”
They left their flocks out in the wild,
And rushed to honor this Holy Child.
When they arrived, wise men were there
And with them, gifts they had brought to share.

Gifts were given that Christmas day.
Wise men still seek Him, even today.
The man gave Mary a place to stay.
The sheep and cattle gave up their hay.
God gave His Son, so we can sing.
Mary gave birth to our Lord and King.
The wise men sought Him and brought gold rings.
The shepherds gave worship, and told these things.

Gifts were given that Christmas day.
We still give Christmas presents today.
Wise men still worship God above.
He gave us first, the gift of His love.
He gave us His Son that Christmas day,
To be the Life, the Truth, and the Way.
Oh, what a child, sent from above!
Oh, what a God- to have such love!  


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