Friday, December 23, 2011


Dixie Biggs
Lip Service

Jon Sauer
Masur Tipper

Ray Feltz
Earth Tone Tea Stains

Malcolm Zander - Pearl Grey Teapot

Sharon Doughtie
Tweedle Tea

Trent Bosch
Strange Brew for Two

Doug Fisher
Potlatch Eagle Tea Ceremony

Pascal Oudet

Jacques Vesery
Printemps Thé au Café du Métro (Springtime at the Metro Café)

Jason Schneider
Relevant Teapot

John Goodyear
Late Harvest Blend

David Datwyler
Jack Pot

Jim Christiansen
The Essence of Tea

David Nittman
Enjoying Black Tea With Granpa

Tania Radda
Who Came First?

Marilyn Campbell
Upper Crust

William Moore
Lapsang Souchong

William Smith
Tea With a Twist

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  1. All of these teapots were part of an exhibition created by the American Association of Woodturners, The work is copyrighted by the artists, and the images are copyrighted by the AAW. It is great to see the work being shared, and that you included the artists' names: for that I thank you, but ask that you include this link to the original exhibition page: