Saturday, November 5, 2016

THE AFFAIR by Laura Loo


by  Laura Loo

Between yesterday's coffee and today's newspaper delivery,
      we somehow lost our sweetness, now you are just a memory.
Words yelled in anger and frustrations hitting the limit
     wasn't this ocean we've swam full of joy and commitment ?

You..down on your knees praying I'd forgive you once again
       me...thinking you weren't going to see her, my best friend.

I've lost you and I've lost her and somewhere lost myself
       I noticed that her favorite book she read was on the top shelf.

You think I didn't notice all the strange phone calls at night ?
       you actually believed that I wouldn't give up without a fight ?

Sinking slowly down under the abyss of broken promises
       a long time ago I told myself I would not allow paralysis

But underneath the grass you both have dug for my grave
       I must pull myself out, take a moment and be brave.

I have no one else who will rock me to sleep every night
       and I know deep down I will eventually be alright.

All I need right now is a decent night full of sweet dreams
       I am begging you to leave, drive away so I may be free.

Copyright © Laura Loo