Sunday, November 20, 2016

RESPECT - by Lovely


by Lovely

What am I to say
From a colored woman's prospective today
With my Brown skin
Dark eyes
Thrifty dreams
African American eyes

Feels like a hot breeze from Congo
Blowing my way
With echoes from the mountains
And whispers
Manipulating my soul
To dance and sing
And listen to the drummers


They are speaking to me
Can't you hear ?

Sending a message out to us sista's
Us women of color
Us women of glory
And eternal everlasting

My ancestors look at us in discuss
With our chemical treated hair
Body exposed like we don't care

And my back pressed up against the wall
With my belly sticking out
And my tears that stained my cheek
And my intelligence turned weak

Us colored women today, yes us colored women today

What's next, they cut off the welfare checks
What's new, sistas looking for something to do ?
And who's to say, we still gonna make more baba's

Won't even give us a job
Cause we belong to that African tribe

Won't even love and respect our brother
Cause we all have the dark skin color

Don't color me black; don't call me a lady,
Don't offer me fine wine, or a ride in your Mercedes

Don't give me your heart, or your passionate love campaign
Don't give me some other sister, worry to gain

Just give me truth, something pure and clean
Just give me respect like an African queen