Wednesday, August 17, 2016

BEER, OH DEAR - by Peter William Coll


by  Peter William Coll

Beer oh dear, usually brings me good cheer,
But not tonight, it just doesn't seem right.
After three or four, I will try one more.
To see if this beer will make me feel well.

But still it will not dampen or fill
The want in chest. Now I am pressed
To find something to help ease my mind.
And bring my thoughts somewhere else to dwell.

To cuddle, to hold to keep out of the cold.
Her warm body and eyes, would bring me great highs
But I'm low and alone and I should go slow.
So I drink to think and drown out how I fell.

Fell just as well, in such a great swell.
Of like and want, that always does flaunt.
Of need and greed of what our hearts bleed.
To be wanted and held,our loneliness to quell.

Beer oh dear, usually brings me good cheer,
And now tonight it's starting to feel right.
After eight and nine, I am feeling fine.
The want to be like is quelled. I can tell.