Sunday, June 5, 2016

SUMMER'S LIGHT by Carrie Richards


by  Carrie  Richards

Summer has laid its beauty at my feet
Quivering grasses beckon me
to find my inner child
To set me free a little while, to look beyond the miles

To feel the grass between my toes
and forge a path to take me home 
beyond the sea of margins, 
that want to close me in

 With meadows, all around me, tall and wild
the troubled trials of worry tumble down  
The walls of sorrow crumble beneath the rising sun
which shines it's light upon the fields where I am free to run

 The dawn, so gracious to my eyes
throws caution to the wind
It pushes me to be a friend to earth and wind and sky
It leaves the glory in my hand, and keeps me wanting more
I will shield my eyes against the glare, and let my childhood soar

Let me cherish just one moment, to breathe in summer's air
To lean on the breast of silence, 'til the moment disappear