Monday, June 20, 2016

ODE TO SUMMER - by TaylorOlivia919

by TaylorOlivia919

Oh, summer.
How I love your blistering days
And warm wonderful nights.
The taste of your air is like candy sweet.
The most amazing feeling of your burning sun
Just gently kissing my shoulders.
Lightening my hair and oh, that gorgeous brown skin.
You leave no need for make-up.
Bathing suit, sundress, and I’m on my way.
The delicious smell of your sun block
Smeared all across my face.

Your fire hot afternoons
Give me a reason to be lazy and lounge.
Snuggling into the sand of your flawless beaches.
Running fearlessly into the your shimmering ocean.
Tan skin, late nights, hot sun, loving life.
How I love you summer.
You get me through the rest of the year.