Monday, June 29, 2015

SEAGULL FLYING FREE - by Melanie Ann Calvert


by Melanie Ann Calvert

A seagull perches on a rail
Surrounding the sea wall.
He's not afraid to look around,
He's not afraid to fall.

Eager to communicate,
He lets out a raucous cry.
He's not afraid of being judged
By people passing by.

The seagull's beady eyes observe
Everything in sight.
Curiosity is his fantasy.
His future's always bright.

Whenever he senses danger
He simply spreads his wings.
He doesn't hold onto his fears;
He lets them go, then sings.

He sees only the beauty
As he soars across the sky.
He lives only for each moment;
He's not afraid to die.

When nightfall creeps upon him,
The seagull does not fear;
He rests in peace until he feels
The morning sun appear.

Feeling fresh at sunrise,
He squawks loudly across the bay;
He's happy to wake up again
And greet a brand new day.

A greater key to happiness
There surely cannot be
Than to live a life of faith and peace
Like a seagull flying free.