Tuesday, May 27, 2014

KEEP TRYING by Edwin C. Ranck ( self - esteem poem)

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by  Edwin  C.  Ranck

When you're feeling blue as ink
And your spirits begin to sink,
Don't be weak and take a drink
Keep Trying.

There are times when all of us
Get riled up and start a muss,
But there ain't no use to cuss,
Just Keep Trying.

When things seem to go awry,
And the sun deserts your sky,
Don't sit down somewhere and cry,
Keep Trying.

Everybody honors grit,
Men who never whine a bit--
Men who tell the world, "I'm IT"
And Keep Trying.

Get a hustle on you NOW,
Make a great, big solemn vow
That you'll win out anyhow,
And Keep Trying.

All the world's a battlefield
Where the true man is revealed,
But the ones who never yield
Just Keep Trying.