Thursday, May 22, 2014

GERMANY between 1890 - 1900

German Gate, Metz, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

Moritzburg Castle, Halle, German Saxony, Germany

Giebichenstein Ruins, Halle, German Saxony, Germany

Giebichenstein Ruins and Valley of the Saale, Halle, German Saxony, Germany

Theatre and Promenade, Halle, German Saxony, Germany

The market place and side of Hotel de Ville, Halle, German Saxony, Germany

General view, Magdeburg, German Saxony, Germany

View from the Citadel, Magdeburg, German Saxony, Germany

  Market, Magdeburg, Germany

Fountain and BreiterWeg, Magdeburg, German Saxony, Germany

Suderode, Halle, Germany Saxony, Germany

Lippe Detmold, Germany

Ney's Memorial, Esplanade, Metz, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

Todtenbrucke, Metz, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

Middle Bridge, Metz, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

Rhone and Rhine Canal and Post, Mulhausen, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

Hotel de Ville (town hall), Mulhausen, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

View from south, Mulhausen, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

Place du Quartier Neff, Mulhausen, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

Strassburg, general view, Alsace Lorraine, Germany

University and bridge, Strasbourg, Alsace and Lorraine, Germany

Imperial Palace, Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany

Imperial Palace, theater and cathedral, Alsace and Lorraine, Germany

Kleber Place, Strassburg

Lake of Worlitz, Eichenkranz and Gondelplatz, Anhalt, Germany

The Temple of Venus, park of Worlitz, Anhalt, Germany

THe Pantheon, park of Worlitz, Anhalt, Germany

Gothic House, park of Worlitz, Anhalt, Germany

Stein, park of Worlitz, Anhalt, Germany

Worlitz Castle and lake, park of Worlitz, Anhalt, Germany

Church and Grey House, park of Worlitz, Anhalt, Germany

The Castle of Dessau, Anhalt, Germany

Prince's castle and Cavalier Street, Anhalt, Germany

Mausoleum, Anhalt, Germany

Market place, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

Wertachbruckerthor (i.e. Wertachbruckertor), Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

Cathedral, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

Am Rothen Thor (i.e. Roten Tor), Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

Bamberg, general view, Bavaria, Germany