Saturday, March 8, 2014


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The night is here and I miss you,
Baby you don't have any clue,
That I crave for your hug and kiss,
I don't know how much I miss,
But I know the time shall pass,
And we will meet again,
Good night for now honey !


As I see the moon, it is so bright,
And, I think more about the night,
With the darkness of the night you are missed more,
And, I am more and more sure,
Why I love you so much,
Why I miss you so much,
Good night my beloved !


As I close my eyes, and try to sleep,
As my thoughts become more deep,
I keep remembering you in my mind,
Your true love, it is hard to find,
I want to wish you a pleasant night,
Lots of kisses and a hug tight,
Wish you a calm good night !


Good night my darling. I love you so much,
And, I want to say that you are missed much.
As I lay down and think about you,
All the beautiful memories be it old or new,
As I lay and I want to say,
Good night honey, this was for today.


The night is here again, and we are apart,

I really don't know from where shall I start,
Want to wish you a great night, so that,
I come in your dreams,
And, the time shall pass by,
With the thoughts and gleams,
Good night my dear !


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