Friday, January 17, 2014

Daughter Poem - WHAT IS A DAUGHTER by Jack. B


by Jack  B

She’s a joy she’s an angel’ well that’s what she thinks
She clings on to your heart like a plug to a sink
She drives you all crazy with make believe games
She’ll have you believe that fairies fly planes

She often comes in with imaginary friends

And can draw on their dads with permanent pens
She has pretty parties with dolls as her mates
But then runs straight out and she swings on the gate

She listens to stories of love and romance

Then shoves a live frog in her best friends pants
At night when asleep the angels go quiet
I often do think that she could start a riot

She looks like a princess all said and done

And Uses mums lipstick to draw a big sun
All over the walls and down the settee
Her face is alive and she giggles with glee

Its then that you have to be strong and quite firm

For if you stand back she will never quite learn
And learn things she does most every day
She learns how to get thing her very own way

She came into your life and captured your heart

And then from that time you won’t stay apart
You may keep your son till he finds a good wife
But your daughters your daughter for all of her life