Sunday, July 7, 2013



by  Caroline  Gavin

You ask Me, daughter,
How far stretches My mercy;
I tell You it spans farther
Than the vast blue sea.

Higher than the heavens,
Deeper than earth’s core,
Stronger than the boulders,
More than sands of the shore,

Such is My mercy,

Unceasing and without end,
It is beyond your reckoning,
My daughter, My friend.

Let Me attempt to show you
The depth of My mercy:
Come now to My Holy Cross
On the hill of Calvary.

For every soul I bled,

Willingly and out of love,
That mercy would stream to all
Without limit from Above.

So I ask you to share
This Message of love to all,
That they may experience mercy,
That they may hear My call.

Should you ever falter,

Should you doubt My love for you,
Should you wonder if I care
Or question My mercy is true,

I ask you to come here,
To the Cross where I bleed,
For then you will feel My mercy,
I will fill your every need.

Yes, higher than the heavens,

Deeper than earth’s core,
Stronger than the boulders,
More than sands of the shore,

Higher, deeper, stronger,
Such is the span of My mercy;
So let Me wrap you in My love,
Keeping you forever with Me.

Ephesians 2:4-5
But because of his great love for us,
God, who is rich in mercy,
made us alive with Christ even when
we were dead in transgressions
it is by grace you have been saved.

by  Caroline Gavin

Never a moment
Do You leave my side,
Never a step,
Never a stride,

Never a care
You do not carry,
Never a moment
When to me You tarry,

Never a day
When You do not care,
Never a second
When You are not there.

No, never a moment,
You are here always,
Every second, every minute,
All of my days.

So as the days flow,
As the moments move by,
As the second stream,
As the minutes fly,

I know I have You,
Yes, You are always mine;
Nothing can break
Our union divine.

Yes, every moment
Of each and every day
You travel with me
Every step of my way.

Never a moment
When to me You tarry,
Never a care
You do not carry.

No, never a step,
Never a stride
As with you, my Jesus,
I forever abide.
Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and courageous.
Do not be frightened,
and do not be dismayed,
for the Lord your God
is with you wherever you go.


by  Caroline  Gavin

In the sun that shines,
In rain that taps my window,
In the vast green fields,
In the white blankets of snow,

In the blue bright skies,
In the clouds dark and gray,
In the deepest of the night,
In the brightest of the day,

I see You and I feel You,
Your voice I do hear,
Your love in Your creation
Is radiantly clear.

So whether rain falls on me,
Or whether sunshine embraces,
I know You are with me,
I rejoice in Your graces.

I dance through the fields,
I marvel at snow falling,
I smile at the flowers,
I sing with birds calling;

For You are my joy,
My celebration and my delight;
You shine in the sun by day,
In countless stars by night.

In every moment of every day,
At all times in all things,
I sing of the goodness
Your love ever brings.

So in vast green fields
Or in white blankets of snow,
I delight in my journey
For with You, my Jesus, I go.

Romans 8:38-39

For I am sure that neither death nor life,
nor angels nor rulers, nor things present
nor things to come, nor powers,
nor height nor depth, nor anything else
in all creation, will be able to separate us
from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.


by M.S.Lowndes

Help us, Lord, to see ourselves
Through your loving eyes,
To see what you see in us
And to come to realize

That everything that we possess
Comes directly from you,
The gifts, the talents you’ve placed within
Are there for us to use

To reach with hope to those that hurt,
To those who’ve lost their way
It’s your gifts, Lord, they’re not our own,
So take them, Lord, we pray

And use them for your glory,
So others may be blessed
And have their spirits lifted
And their souls also refreshed

So they can then be challenged
To seek more after you,
To be much more empowered
For what ever they may do

For each of us have talents
That God has placed within
So we can encourage others
To have a closer walk with Him

And as we encourage another,
We can be encouraged ourselves,
For there needs to be a continual flow
And a continual pouring out

And as we do this, we will find
Insecurities will disappear
And we’ll be strengthened in His love
To overcome our fears.


by M.S.Lowndes

We often feel as though
God is far away
And we often feel that He
Is distant when we pray

So often we feel lonely,
Not knowing where to turn
Just a touch from God above,
Our longing spirit yearns

So many times in our lives,
God seems slow to act
We cry out in desperation,
But it's faith we often lack

For God is not being slow
In coming to our aid
He comes through in His time,
We just need to learn to wait

The Lord is never distant,
He is there by our side
And continues to walk with us
Through the storms in our lives

He always hears our hearts cry
And answers all our prayers,
He won't leave us all alone,
For God is always there.


by  Caroline  Gavin

Be still, my heart,
Be at peace and rest,
For then you can hear
What is good and best.

For Jesus, sweet Jesus,
Speaks when I am still;
He reveals His wishes,
Shows me His will.

So do not let the clutter,
The clamor, the noise,
Drown out my Savior,
His precious voice.

I remove the clutter,
Cast away every fear
That only my Jesus
My heart can hear.

His whisper is lovelier
Than sweetest symphony,
His voice more beautiful
Than the sparkling sea.

His wisdom more precious
Than diamonds and gold,
His love extending
From days of old.

Yes, I silence the clamor,
The noise outside,
That I may hear my Lord
And in Him abide.

Step by step
He leads me on His way,
With His loving whispers,
With all He does say.

Yes, Jesus, sweet Jesus,
Speaks when I am still;
He reveals His wishes,
Shows me His will.

So be still, my heart,
Be at peace and rest,
Hear only sweet Jesus,
Hear only the best.

Psalm 62:5

For God alone, O my soul,
wait in silence, for my
hope is from him.


By M.S.Lowndes

As we come before you, Lord,
And worship at your feet,
You pour out your blessings upon us
And meet us in our need

Whatever we are facing,
We can leave it with you, Lord,
And walk away with confidence
Knowing you will bear it all

For you are God almighty,
Our God in whom we trust
To unload us of our burdens
And shower us with love

Lord, you are so wonderful
To care about our lives,
Each small, insignificant detail,
Each tear that we cry

For everything about us, Lord,
Is so important to you,
You want to be involved in our lives
In everything we do

So I can't help but praise you
For the loving God you are
You care so much for every soul
And you're never very far

That we cannot touch your heart
Every time we come to pray
And we can come into your presence,
Each and every day


By M.S.Lowndes

Lord, it’s getting to be desperate times
Why do you seem to delay
In responding to my pressing needs
That I remind you of each day ?

In my mind I know that you
Will come through in the end,
But in my heart emotions rise
And I worry and fret again

Help me, Lord, at those times
To give it again to you,
Help me know deep in my heart
That you will pull me through

And that you fully understand
Exactly where I’m at,
Though circumstances do not change,
In you, I shall not lack

Everything when given to you
Will work out for my good,
For when I cast my care on you,
It’s then, that it’s understood

That it’s just a matter of your timing
In responding to my need,
For often it’s because you’re doing
A deeper work in me

So all that’s left for me to do,
The one thing that is sure,
Is to put my trust in you each day,
For nothing matters more.


by M.S.Lowndes

Though we often face in life,
Rejections of every kind,
We need to know it’s not the end
And to leave it all behind

And carry on with faith in God,
That He will see us through,
To fulfil what He has called us for,
The work we need to do

And sometimes these rejections,
Is a turning point in life
That lead to other avenues,
To bring our dreams alive

If we can only see this,
As a chance to expand our wings
And see there’s opportunity,
To fulfil our godly dreams

For God knows what’s best for us
And He will show the way,
We only need to trust in Him
And be on our knees each day

For He will bring it all to pass,
Releasing hope inside
As we keep walking with the Lord
And in His love abide.

by Caroline Gavin

With my head at Your heart,
I rest in Your arms,
I find peace and comfort,
As Your embrace warms.

When my pathway
Is too wearisome for me,
You carry me in Your arms
Ever so tenderly.

When dim is my path,
When the clouds loom gray,
You carry me lovingly
Every step of the way.

So what have I to worry
When You hold me tight ?
You are the Son
Who brightens the night.

In my trials I rejoice
For all the closer You are,
Just as the dark night
Brings out each star.

So here in Your arms
My soul do keep,
For here in Your heart
I find love so deep.

When the way is clear,
I walk by Your side,
Yet when trials do come
In Your arms I abide.

Yes, You comfort me
As Your embrace warms,
So I keep my head at Your heart,
And I rest in Your arms.

John 13:23

Now there was leaning on
Jesus' bosom one of his disciples,
whom Jesus loved.


by  Bernice  Ward

Behold, behold your Holy God
He shed His blood on the cross;
His arms is extended wide,
Oh, how He prayed none would be lost.

He is our Prince, our Heavenly King
Love and blessings He doth bring;
God's sun brings rays of light,
He is clothed in shades of night.

I envision Him lifted up
For me He drank the bitter cup;
The Lord accepts me as His own,
I'll Praise Him and Him alone.

I'll share my Lord wherever I go
I pray that you will share Him too;
I'll yield my life my little all,
May we be obedient to His call.

Today Calvary's stream still flows
Jesus is still calling today;
His blood washes white as snow,
Oh be saved, He loves you so.

Clouds and darkness comes my way
The spotless Lamb stands by me;
His arms of love do enfold me,
His love for us kept Him on the tree !

Luke 23:42 (KJV)

And he said unto Jesus, Lord,
remember me when thou comest
into thy kingdom.


by Caroline  Gavin

Sweet daughter,
Precious child of Mine,
Let Me share with you
Truths powerful and divine.

When you are in need,
Keep on asking of Me;
In time the perfect answers
You will surely see.

Continue to seek,
For then you will truly find
Treasures sweeter than dreams,
Transcending the mind.

Keep on knocking,
And the door will open for you;
Ask, seek, knock
These things continually do.

For the prayer of persistence
Is one of great power;
So let prayer fill your heart
Every moment, every hour.

Do not grow discouraged
If it seems I do not hear;
I answer in perfect timing,
In time this will be clear.

So, My dear daughter,
Precious child whom I love,
Keep your eyes forever fixed
On Heaven above.

Keep asking and seeking,
Keep on knocking too;
For then you will find
My graces abounding to you.

I richly reward you,
So keep on asking of Me;
Lo, the gifts I give to you
Endure for all eternity.

Yes, ask, seek, knock,
Precious child of Mine,
For then I share with you
Treasures eternal and divine.
Matthew 7:7

"Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find; knock and the door
will be opened to you."


by M.S.Lowndes

Through the unexpected things
That happens in our lives,
We draw from God the strength we need
To carry on with Christ

For He will always hold us up
Whenever it gets too tough
And carry us through the hardest times
When we can’t feel His love

I know that at these times we feel
Abandoned by our Lord,
We wonder what is going on,
We can’t feel His presence at all

But He has not abandoned us,
Nor forsaken us in our need,
He allows the unexpected things
Be life lessons we should heed

So we will grow with deeper faith
And be strengthened in the Lord
Then when we face the storms of life,
We’ll be stronger than before

So when the unexpected comes,
Remember, God’s in control
And nothing in life is ever wasted,
But are memories that we hold

So when others come across our path
That are facing what we’ve faced,
We’re more than able to share God’s love
And touch them with His grace.


by  Caroline  Gavin
Your hand I hold,
Your steps I follow,
Your road I tread,
Your pathway I go:

No turning back,
No turning back for me,
I am my Savior's
For all eternity.

As this road unfolds,
Come what may,
Never will I turn back
From Your way.

Should storms clamor,
Should rain downpour,
Should enemies beset me
Each day all the more,

I will move forward,
No turning back,
I will stay with You, Jesus,
Here on this track.

For what are challenges
When You are near ?
You are Love and Light,
What have I to fear ?

Though I walk
Through the valley of shadow,
I will fear no evil,
For with me You go.

Heavenbound You lead,
One step at a time,
This pathway You pave
With reason and rhyme.

So no turning back,
No turning back for me;
I am Yours, My Jesus,
For all eternity.

Your hand I hold,
Your steps I follow,
No turning back,
You are all I know.