Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Okimono "carvings" - a work of Japanese arts and crafts, figurine, designed for interior decoration.

Historically the term denoted okimono small sculptures and decorative objects in the tokonoma disposable traditional Japanese homes.

In a broad sense to include all okimono that put on the shelf for interior decoration: bone carvings, dolls, vases, and so d.Okimono and design, and subjects, and often the size is similar to the netsuke, but okimono absent in the hole for a cord, which is in the netsuke.

The work of Kazuo exhibited in several international exhibitions and has won fame on the right, "the Japanese Madonna." The image of a young mother guessed resemblance to the famous Madonna Benois by Leonardo da Vinci.

The master has created some of its variants - in bronze (a copy is in the collection of Nasser D. Khalili), in wood and bone.

The most valuable, of course, is the model carved from ivory, which is decorated with a collection of A. Feldman.